Democracy Now! September 23, 1997

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Democracy Now! September 23, 1997
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Smithsonian Controversy; Nike and Human Rights Abuses; Korea

(14 Minutes) Smithsonian Controversy 46 members of Congress last wek wrote to teh Smithsonian Institution in support of an exhibition on sweatshops at the National Museum of American History. The show is called Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Dialogue on American Sweatshops 1820- to the present. GUEST: Rep. George Miller (D-CA). GUEST: Jack Morgan, spokesperson for the American Aparel Manufacturer's Association who oppose the show. (19 Minutes) Nike and Human Rights Abuses Nike shareholders met in Oregon yesterday amid more charges by human rights and labor activists that factories exploit and mistreat workers. GUEST: Medea Benjamin, co-director of Global Exchange. GUEST: Vada Manager, senior spokesperson for Nike. (17 Minutes) Korea Focus on Korea's famine and the lack of response to the crisis. Four party talks between the US, China, North and South Korea are now underway hoping to establish some kind of formal peace treaty to the Korean War. GUEST: Bruce Cumings, author of BOOK: KOREA'S PLACE IN TEH SUN.

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September 23, 1997
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September 23, 1997
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; September 23, 1997
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