My 20 Years In The D.e.a

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My 20 Years In The D.e.a
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My 20 Years In The D.e.a. / Mike Levine| interviewed by Dennis Bernstein. - Mike Levine, author of "Deep Cover" and "Fight Back," discusses his experiences as an agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and how he came to understand and expose the phony war on drugs. Levine tells how he came into law enforcement innocently, and how he became an undercover agent for the DEA. He began his carrer on the streets, and then went to Buenes Aires to battle the Suarez drug cartel. Levine came to understand the United States' involvement through the CIA during a mission to Southeast Asia, and was warned against questioning authority. Levine's personal experiences resulted in the book "Deep Cover," and he has been battling the United States government's phoney drug wars ever sense. He concludes by explaining what he knows about the actions of Oliver North, Richard Secord, and John Hull in the Iran-Contra scandal. - RECORDED: 1992.

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