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Wald, Karen.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0179 Children of Che / Karen Wald ; produced by Peggy Stein.

Journalist Wald describes life in Cuba as seen through the eyes of children.

KPFA, July, 1978.
BC1098 Not to mourn for George Jackson, but to continue where he left off / Georgia Jackson ; interviewed by Karen Wald.

George Jackson's mother discusses her open letter concerning her son's death in San...

KPFA, 29 Sept. 1971.
SZ0341 Heart transplant : 15 year old pioneer / produced by Karen Wald.

Interviews with the pioneers--the surgeon and patient--who participated in a heart transplant 15...

SZ0342 Cuba's first heart transplant / produced by Karen Wald.

Interview with the surgeon who performed Cuba's first heart transplant 15 years ago.

SZ0343 Kidney rehab center / produced by Karen Wald.

Interviews with patients and staff at a Cuban kidney rehabilitation center.

SZ0344 Kidney rehab program : Radio Havana Cuba / Karen Wald.

Aircheck of a short broadcast from interviews about conditions at a Cuban kidney rehabilitation...

SZ0345 Family doctors in Cuba / produced by Karen Wald.

Series of brief interviews with various Cuban professionals. Four interviews with family doctors...

SZ0346 Dr. Liminota interview : interferon / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Family doctors in Cuba discuss their experiences; includes interviews with the first Havana Md...

SZ0348 Angel Ortiz / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Young Black preacher and President of the Student Christian Movement, discusses his meeting with...

SZ0349 Memorial for Padre Sardinas / Ricardo Alarcom and Carlos Manuele Cespedes ; interviewed by Karen Wald.

Ricardo Alarcom, Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations, and Monsignor Carlos Manuele Cespedes of...

SZ0350 Archbishop Patrick Flores / interviewed by Karen Wald.

San Antonio's Archbishop discusses his visit to Cuba as a guest at the Catholic Conference...

SZ0351 Nacyra Gomez / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Vice President of the Ecumenical Council discusses his meeting with Fidel Castro.

SZ0352 Celia Sanchez / Tete Puebla ; interviewed by Karen Wald.

Founding member of the Mariana Grayales Battalion discusses Celia Sanchez's role in Cuban...

SZ0353 Ilda Uritza / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Uritza, leader of the APRA party, discusses how the debt crisis effects women and children in...

SZ0354 Inez Infante / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Daughter of the wealthiest pre-revolutionary Holguin family discusses her transformation into a...

SZ0355 Alicia de Garcia : El Salvador / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Salvadorian mother discusses her activities in the Mothers Committee of Murdered and Disappeared...

SZ0356 Mirta Rodriguez Galderon / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Cuban journalist, FMC founder, discusses the underground movement during the Cuban revolution,...

SZ0358 Frei Betto interview / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Interview in Spanish.

SZ0359 Music education tape / recorded by Karen Wald.

Aircheck from Cuban Radio which is part of an education program to supplement standard schooling...

SZ0360 Karen Wald in L.A.

Speech before the Veicerenos Brigade in Los Angeles which explores: economic conditions in Cuba...

SZ0361 Cuban penal system / Karen Wald.

Members of Cuba's Melvin Belli Association, a lawers group, discuss the Cuban penal system...

SZ0362 Melvin Belli Association / Karen Wald.

Cuban lawers discuss their association, and law in Cuba.

SZ0363 Lucila Mejia / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Member of the Bolivian Federation of Campesinas discusses the impact of the debt crisis.

SZ0391 Portraits of Cuba : medical coverage in U.S. media / Karen Wald.

Talk on the realities of Cuban medical care, and the misrepresentations in the U.S. media....

CSVWald, Karen.