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United States -- History.

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AZ0033.04 Indian genocide ; pioneers ; labor movement of the late 19th century.

Includes Indian chants, John Neihardt on Black Elk and Ogilala Sioux, Yonnondio by Tillie Olsen...

KPFA, July 3, 1976.
AZ0033.05 World War I ; red scare, Harlem renaissance ; lynchings in the South ; Depression ; urban family life in a packinghouse town.

Includes song about Socco and Vanzetti, poetry of Langston Hughes read by Ossie Davis and Ruby...

KPFA, July 3, 1976.
AZ0033.06 Puerto Rican independence movement in the 30s ; World War II ; postwar red scare ; execution of the Rosenbergs.

Poetry of Julia de Burgos, excerpt from It can't happen here by Sinclair Lewis, excerpt...

KPFA, July 3, 1976.
AZ0033.07 The Fifties ; Allen Ginsberg ; Puerto Rican revolutionaries ; Rosa Parks ; and Black anger rises. (Episode 7 of 10)

The Fifties: Allen Ginsberg's "Howl"; Puerto Rican revolutionaries; Rosa Parks...

KPFA, July 3, 1976.
AZ0033.08 The Sixties ; Martin Luther King ; free speech movement ; emancipation proclamation centennial.

Includes "Centennial" by Langston Hughes, read by Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, speeches...

KPFA, July 3, 1976.
AZ0033.09 The United Farm Workers ; People's Park ; victory in Vietnam ; the women's movement.

"Viva la cause", UFW actuality ; poem by Marge Piercy, readings from People's...

KPFA, July 3, 1976.
AZ0060.02 The Farmer is the man (Episode 2 of 3) / produced by the People's Media Collective of San Francisco.

Documentary on the impact of the depression on the rural sector. Includes the dust bowl,...

KPFA, Mar. 1977.
AZ0232 Setting the stage, 1949 : enter the Cold War

The mood of the Cold War era is explored in interviews with Jessica Mitford, Helga Lohr-Bailey,...

American Women -- Politicians and politics KPFA, Mar. 1, 1979.
AZ1002 The Legacy of U.S. World economic domination / Michael Parenti.

Talk by political analyst Michael Parenti which examines how developments in the United States...

AZ1011 State of the Union : II / Gore Vidal ; introduced by Jessica Mitford.

Talk by Gore Vidal, noted American author and social critic, which examines the methods of...


r.1. Introduction / Jessica Mitford (9 min.) ; Political career in California ; his work with...


r.1. Introduction / Jessica Mitford (9 min.) ; Political career in California ; his work with...

BC1792 Our slightly crazy century / Barbara Tuchman.

Historian looks to events of 14th century Europe to find hints about the place of modern...

KPFa, May 1974.
BC2069.01 The New beginning / Murray Bookchin.

Discussion of the historical roots of the American revolution.

WBAI, 1975.
BC2069.02 The original people / Sagga Cook and Joan Hayes Garabedian (Episode 2 of 15)

Sagga Cook (Mohawk Nation) and Joan Hayes Garabedian (Wampanoag-Cherokee) discuss their views of...

American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination WBAI, 1975? and KPFA, 8 May 1975
BC2069.03 Work in early America / Herbert Gutman ; interviewed by Bonnie Bellow.

Labor historian discusses the ways in which work has changed since colonial days. Includes...

WBAI, 1975.
BC2069.04 The Good people.

Gloria Main, Jackson Turner Main, Lenard Kenworthy, Robert Mutch and Jesse Lemesh discuss the...

WBAI, 1975.
BC2069.05 Women in the American revolution / moderated by Viv Sutherland (Episode 5 of 15)

Seminar moderated by Viv Sutherland on women during the American Revolution, produced in...

American Women -- Women's history WBAI, ca. July 24, 1975?
BC2084 A Guru aghast in colonial America / commentary by Guru Lew Fonghoo. WBAI, 197-.
IZ0230 Voices before the Civil War : Black voices from American history / produced by William Moore.

Readings of speeches and writings by Henry Highland Garnet, Samuel Dubis, William Wells Brown,...

WBAI, Oct. 6,1981.
SZ0214 Working the territories : women outlaws of the West / produced Karen Klein and David Nelson.

Examination of women outlaws in the American West.

14 Dec. 1983.
CSVUnited States -- History.