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Self-knowledge, Theory of.

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BB0005.02 Self-integration of life : its ambiguities and the ethical answer / Paul Tillich.

Speech on the positive as well as the negative aspects of the "self."

KPFA, 1959.
BB0005.04 The Self-manifestation of life / Paul Tillich.

Speech on the individual's view of self and of his relations with others.|THE SELF-...

KPFA, 8 Mar. 1959.
BB0006.02-.06 Paul Tillich at Boston : the Lowell Lecture series.

Series of lectures discussing how individuals become part of "mass man."


r.1. missing. -- r.2-3. Self-understanding of man in contemporary thought (123 min.). -- r.4....


r.1. missing. -- r.2-3. Self-understanding of man in contemporary thought (123 min.). -- r.4....

KPFA, 1959.
BB0504 The Dilemma of modern man / Dr. Ashley Montagu.

Talk on the struggle to act human rather than inhuman in the modern world.|THE DILEMMA OF MODERN...

KPFA, 12 Feb. 1965.
BB0522.08 The Ultimate value is existence / John Reed.

Student speaks on the importance of the self in decision-making.

KPFA, 13 May 1966.
BB0698 The Awful idea of being an individual / Dr. Charles Frankel.

Talk at the Third Centennial Symposium of the University of Denver on the difficulties of being...

KPFA, 12 Aug. 1964.
BB1334 Identity : a review of the concept and its applications / speech by Erik Erikson ; moderated by Joseph Lifschutz.

Speech, followed by a panel comprised of Victor Calef, Daryl Debell, Nevitt Sanford, and Neil J...

KPFA, 4 Aug. 1966.
BB1511.01-.08 Man, the universe, and so forth / Dr. Wallace Matson.

Series of lectures by a University of California, Berkeley, philosophy professor exploring man...


r.1. The Long run (26 min.) -- r.2. The Starting point (26 min.) -- r.3. Not a bus, but a tram (...

KPFA, 21 Nov.-7 Feb. 1961.
BB2299.02 Confronting hallucinations / Wilson Van Dusen.

On directly contacting illusion and hallucination by therapeutic dialogue.

KPFA, 5 Jan. 1970.
BB3641 The Artist's struggle for integrity / James Baldwin.

Talk on the intellectual challenge facing the modern artist.|THE ARTIST STRUGGLE FOR INTEGRITY...

WBAI, 29 Nov. 1962.
BB3797.01-.09 The Existential backgrounding of human dignity / Gabriel Marcel.

Lectures exploring the individuals self-worth.


r.1. The Foundation (50 min.) -- r.2. Participation (51 min.) -- r.3. Existence (57 min.) -- r.4...

WBAI 26 Nov. 1961-11 Feb. 1962.
BB3803.01-.13 From the new school / Rollo May.

On the need for a new perspective of self and the individual's role in society.


pt.1. The Dilemma of will and decision in our culture (58 min.) -- pt.2. The Dilemma of sex and...

WBAI, 17-24 Mar. 1965.
BB3812.01-.04 The Identity of man / Jacob Bronowsky.

Philosophical talks about methods for man to define his own worth.


r.1. A Man of a self (47 min.) -- r.2. The Machinery of nature (60 min.) -- r.3. Knowledge of...

WBAI, 5-26 Aug. 1965.
BB3851.01-.04 Rollo May on identity.

Four talks on the challenge of maintaining a positive self identity in an impersonal world.


r.1. The Crisis of will (72 min.) -- r.2. The Conflict between sex and eros (71 min.) -- r.3....

WBAI, 11 May-1 June 1967.
BB4328.01 The Individual and the group / Dr. Alexander Lowen.

A former student of Wilhelm Reich speaks about how modern western man is cut off from his body...

WBAI, 7 Jan. 1971.
BB4328.02 Education : its failures and possibilities / Dr. Alexander Lowen.

Former student of Wilhelm Reich explains how the alienation of modern man is the foundation of...

WBAI, 21 Jan. 1971.
BB4390 Man's identity in a mass society / by Bruno Bettelheim.

Speech about the growth of society and individual identity.

WBAI, 7 Dec. 1963.
BB4454.02 Karma and the many selves / Herbert Fingarette.

Philosophy professor from U.C. Santa Barbara speaks about the Eastern perspective of the many...

KPFA, 5 Mar. 1966.
BB4610 Identity : a review of the concept and its applications / Erik Erikson.

Discussion of the search for human identity.

KPFK, 21 June 1968.
BB5264 Man is a hoax / Alan Watts.

Talk on the way human's understand themselves.|MAN IS A HOAX / Alan Watts...

KPFA, 6 May 1966.
BC0498.01 Individual metamorphasis and self-awareness / J. Krishnamurti.

Talk on bringing about world change throughindividual metamorphosis of self- awareness.|...

KPFK, 3 Oct. 1971.
BC0498.02 Personal order out of world disorder / J. Krishnamurti.

Talk on the individual's struggle to attainpersonal order in a world of disorder, and how...

KPFK, Oct. 1971.
BC1549 How to get control of your time and your life / Alan Lakein ; interviewed by Barbara Cady.

Discussion of how to focus life-goals, drawing from the views of Gloria Steinem and Neil Young...

KPFK, 1973.
BC2411 Listening to yourself / Dr. Carl Faber and Carlos Hagen.

Faber speaks on personal growth and Hagen reads, plays music and comments.

KPFK, 5 Jan. 1975.
KZ1497 Pure class and courage : a conversation with Marta Monahan / interviewed by Barbara Dunlap.

Marta Monahan discuss her views as a teacher of etiquette, social protocall and character...

KPFK, 1 Mar. 1989.
SZ0718 Wealth addiction and the emotional meaning of money / Philip Slater ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Philip Slater, author of "The Pursuit of Loneliness," "Earthwalk," and...

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