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Religion -- Philosophy.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB0016.03 Zen Buddhism and God / D.T. Suzuki.

Speech explaining the Zen view of life and eternity.|ZEN BUDDHISM AND GOD / D.T. Suzuki...

KPFA, 4 Sept. 1964.
BB0189 From theory to practice / moderated by Reverend Gilmartin.

Father Sullivan, Dr. George Schilheim, Reverend Carl Munger, and Rabbi Sidney Akselrad discuss...

KPFA, 1 Nov. 1961.
BB1824 The Theologian as critic / Harvey Cox.

Talk on Cox's view of theology, and a critical evaluation of religion and secularization....

KPFA5 Jan. 1969.
BB3260.01-.03 Introduction to evangelical theology / Karl Barth.

Talks prsenting Barth's view of the role of religion in forming a livable society. Includes...


r.1. A Biographical note on Karl Barth / read by Chris Koch (13 min.) -- r.2. The Community (51...

WBAI, 30 Dec. 1962-6 Jan. 1963.
BB3268 Why I am an atheist / Madalyn Murray.

Madalyn Murray (O'Hair), founder of American Atheists who was dubbed "the most hated...

American Women -- Religion KPFA, Part 1: 6 Dec. 1965, Part 2: 18 Dec. 1965; WBAI, Part 1: 7 Dec. 1965, Part 2: 14 Dec. 1965.
BB3501 Tide of fear / Bishop Ambrose Reeves ; interviewed by Jon Donald.

Discussion on theology.

WBAI, 1 Dec. 1960.
BB3618 Sorrow? Impermanence? : and now egoity / Reverend John P. Provoo.

Talk on Provo's efforts to establish the first Buddhist seminary in the United States.|...

WBAI, 6 Apr. 1966.
BB3796.05 Eastern religion and contemporary psychology / Alan Watts.

Speech on the impact of Eastern philosophy on American mental health.

WBAI 19 July 1971.
BB4459.02-.19 Krishnamurti : 1968.

Talks by the spiritual leader.


r.2. Can one discover a way of life beyond conflict (ca. 75 min.) -- r.3. Can the mind be...

KPFA, 22 Dec. 1968-6 Apr. 1969.
BB4679 Our ancient quest for freedom / Dr. Howard Thurman.

Minister gives an address about man's quest for freedom.

KPFK, 14 Jan. 1968.
BB4754 What happened on Easter / moderated by Edward Borgers.

Episcopalian John Burt, Southern Baptist Hal Linsell, and Unitarian Russell Lincoln present...

KPFK, 21 Apr. 1962.
BB5101 The Religious mind / J. Krishnamurti.

Talk on the pan-human experience of religion.

KPFK, 6 Apr. 1966.
BC1861 Jesus now / Malachi Martin ; interviewed by Saul-Paul Sirag.

Former emissary to the Pope and Jesuit scholar and priest discusses his reasons for leaving the...

KPFK, 9 Apr. 1974.
BC2409 Death and resurrection / Dr. Carl Faber and Carlos Hagen.

Discussion of concepts of spiritual endings and resurrections and their interpretation in...

KPFK, 30 Mar. 1975.
BZ0007.23 God's laws / Richard Kieninger ; produced by Adelphi Media Services.

Author of the book, The Ultimate Frontier, discusses the channels which God provides for us in...

PZ0150.01-.02 The Dalai Lama on compassion, part 1 / produced by John Thompson.

His Holiness, speaking primarily in English, discusses the roll of compassion and affection in...

SZ0061 America, a spiritual marketplace / Chogyam Trungpa, Baba Ram Dass, and Marvin Casper.

Panel discussion on spiritual eclectiscism vs. commitment to a single tradition.|AMERICA, A...

CSVReligion -- Philosophy.