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AZ1675.05 Lesbian Express: Therapy (Part 2 only)

Lesbian Express presents a program on Therapy. This is part 2, part 1 is missing. Note found in...

American Women -- Psychology and psychotherapy KPFA, 197?
BB0367 Existential Psychology / Dr. Victor Frankel and Arthur Burton ; moderated by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Discussion with Frankel on his logotherapy technique, and the problem of alienation in the...

KPFA, 23 Nov. 1963.
BB1286.01-.13 From the new school / Rollo May.

Series of speeches about new approaches in psychotherapy.


r.1. The Dilema of will and decision in our culture (57 min.) -- r.2-3. The Dilema of sex and...

WBAI, 1965.
BB1333 The Intensive group experience / Carl Rogers.

Talk on the innovative psychotherapy of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, La Jolla...

KPFA, 22 June 1965.
BB1465 Creating encounter groups / Dr. Carl Rogers.

Talk on techniques for ensuring successful group therapy sessions.

KPFA, 4 Oct. 1967.
BB1852 Psychodrama and psychometrics / Dr. Jacob Moreno.

Talk on the methods and results of Moreno's new form of psychotherapy.

KPFA, May 1967.
BB2272 Existential vacuum : a challenge to psychiatry / Victor Frankl.

Talk by the founder of logotherapy on the problem of alienation for the development of a useful...

KPFA, 10 Jan. 1970.
BB2299.02 Confronting hallucinations / Wilson Van Dusen.

On directly contacting illusion and hallucination by therapeutic dialogue.

KPFA, 5 Jan. 1970.
BB3090 A Conversation with Erich Fromm / interviewed by Richard Hefner.

On Fromm's writings and work.

WBAI, Mar. 1967.
BB3160 Emotional education / Geoffrey Lindenauer ; interviewed by Bob Murphy.

President of the Institute for Emotional Education discusses their innovative therapy.

WBAI, 12 Dec. 1968.
BB3242 Group therapy / Dave Osspian.

Speech on group therapy.

WBAI, 17 July 1963.
BB3595 Religion and psychotherapy / Dr. Albert Ellis ; interviewed by Margaret Luntz.

On the origins of neurosis and the conflict between mental health and religion.|RELIGION AND...

WBAI, 16 Aug. 1960.
BB3791.01-.04 Creativity and the daimonic / Rollo May.

Lectures on the psychological aspects of art.


pt.1. Art and psychotherapy (1 reel : 64 min) -- pt.2. The Relation between the daimonic and the...

WBAI 17 Mar.-7 Apr. 1968.
BB3803.01-.13 From the new school / Rollo May.

On the need for a new perspective of self and the individual's role in society.


pt.1. The Dilemma of will and decision in our culture (58 min.) -- pt.2. The Dilemma of sex and...

WBAI, 17-24 Mar. 1965.
BB4263 Groups / moderated by Robert Kuttner

Dr. Bruce Maliver, Dr. Martin Shepard, and Terry Becker discuss different approaches to group...

American Women -- Psychology and psychotherapy WBAI, March 29, 1971
BB4574 Freud and psychoanalysis : a symposium / moderated by Raymond Ulmer.

Four clinical psychologists discuss Freud and his theories.

KPFK, 8 Dec. 1967.
BC0158 Radical psychiatry and women's oppression / Hogie Wyckoff ; introduced by Claude Steiner.

In July of 1970, Dr. Claude Steiner, one of the founders of the Rap Center of Berkeley, offered...

American Women -- Psychology and psychotherapy KPFA, 8 Mar. 1971.
BC0531.01 Gestalt therapist / Alec Rubin ; interviewed by Herschel Lymon.

Rubin discusses his psychotherapy techniques.

KPFK, 9 Jan. 1972.
BC0531.11 About encounter / Jerry Diamond and Elizabeth Campbell ; interviewed by Herschel Lymon.

Discussion of the increased use of encounter groups, and the development of thecenter movement...

KPFK, 2 Jan. 1972.
BC0531.14 A Tribute to Fritz Perls / Dr. James Simkin ; interviewed by Herschel Lymon.

Simkin discusses Peris' contribution to Gestalt therapy.

KPFK, 13 May 1972.
BC0729 1984 and brave new world were primarily therapeutic states / Dr. Peter Breggin ; interviewed by Bill Northwood and Betty Segal.

Discussion of Breggin's opposition to the re-emergence of surgery as psychotherapeutic...

KPFA, 7 Apr. 1972.
BC1465 M. P. D. U. / produced by Denny Smithson.

Documentary report on the California Department of Correction's experimental program to use...

KPFA, 4 Jan. 1972.
BC1939 Inside the female mind

A panel discussion on female psychology, the problems inherent in traditional methods of...

American Women -- Psychology and psychotherapy KPFK, May 13, 1974
IZ1377.02 Femininism and therapy vs. Feminist therapy

This week: Lynne Zeavin and Muriel Dimen discuss feminism and therapy versus feminist therapy....

American Women -- Psychology and psychotherapy WBAI, December, 1981
IZ1377.03 Feminist psychoanalytic therapy

The topic is psychoanalytically-informed feminist therapy, with moderators Lynne Zeavin and...

American Women -- Psychology and psychotherapy WBAI, April 5, 1982
KZ0416.01 Functional integration / Moshe Feldenkrais.

Educational therapist talks about smoking, jogging, psychotherapy, aggression, trying, pain,...

KPFK, June 10, 1978.
KZ0514 The Fisher-Hoffman process / Joanie Goldstein ; interviewed by Herschel Lymon.

On a recent therapy for overcoming life troubles.

KPFK, Sept. 5, 1977.
KZ0515 Human growth center / Charles Kelley ; interviewed by Herschel Lymon.

On Reichian therapy.

KPFK, Feb. 13, 1976.
KZ0740 Spiritual healing / Olga Worrell and Lynn Brailler ; interviewed by Judy Walker.

Discussion between a spiritual healer and a psychotherapist who specializes in psychiatric...

KPFK, Sept. 1979.
KZ0974 Focusing : a key to successful therapy / Eugene Gendlin ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Psychologist discusses his book on how to recognize the psychological changes which occur during...

KPFK, Oct. 22, 1980.
KZ1194 Sex and psychotherapy / Dr. Albert Ellis ; interviewed by Dr. Albert Freeman.

On the self-directed psychotherapy technique which fostered controversy among psychologists;...

KPFK, Aug. 16, 1959.
SZ0139 Sex, marriage, and psychotherapy / Albert Ellis ; interviewed by Mike Wallace.

On his controversial view of human relations based on the guilt underlying sex in America.