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Press and propaganda.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB0280 Myths and the press / narrated by Trevor Thomas.

On the furor caused by W. H. Ferry's anti-Hoover speech delivered 2 Aug. 1962.|MYTHS AND...

KPFA, 10 Sept. 1962.
IZ0150 The Iranian crisis and the media / Tony Ramos ; interviewed by Arnie Klein.

On U.S. press coverage of events in Iran.

WBAI, Jan. 7, 1980.
KZ0085 The Power of suggestion / produced by Carlos Hagen.

How music, recordings, and the media can influence people's desires and attitudes.

KPFK, Sept. 7, 1977.
KZ0213.01 The Real Jimmy Carter is standing up / Charles Morgan.

Commentary on the image and the substance of the Carter administration.

KPFK, July 18, 1977.
KZ0362 Media coverage of school integration in Los Angeles / Dennis Hicks ; interviewed by Claudia Fonda-Bonardi.

Media influence on public opinion.

KPFK, Sept. 23, 1977.
KZ0820 The Me decade : hype or history / produced by Richard Mahler.

Interpretation of the 70s as a media-induced self-fulfilling prophecy.

KPFK, Dec. 31, 1979.
KZ0874 Are the Vietnamese the new "ugly Americans" of Southeast Asia? / Judy Coburn ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Southeast Asia correspondent refutes the media's presentation of Vietnam's invasion of...

KPFK, May 19, 1980.
KZ0881 U.S. media and the history of U.S. intervention in Iran / Leonard Weinglass ; interviewed by Paul Lion.

On media'S

KPFK, June 19, 1980.
KZ0890 Violent use of female images in the media / Andrea Dworkin

Women Against Violence in Pornography & Media (WAVPM), a feminist group formed in 1977,...

American Women -- Violence against women, American Women -- Radical Feminism KPFK, Nov. 1978.
KZ0909 The Whole world is watching : mass media and the making and unmaking of the New Left / Todd Gitlin ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Author discusses his book about the effect of mass media on movements and politics.

KPFK, May 8, 1980.
KZ1001 Media coverage of the 1980 presidential campaign : a critique / Todd Gitlin ; interviewed by Clare Spark.

On why the mass media were so accommodating to Ronald Reagan.

KPFK, Feb. 1, 1981.
KZ1009 Blase Bonpare on El Salvador / interviewed by Clare Spark.

Activist and sociology professor offers counter-evidence to the official and mass media versions...

KPFK, Mar. 3, 1981.
KZ1369 Blase Bonpare on El Salvador : edited version / interviewed by Clare Spark.

Interview with activist and sociology professor Blase Bonpane who offers counter-evidence to...

KPFK, Mar. 3, 1981.
WZ0001 Independent presidential candidate / Eugene McCarthy ; interviewed by David Seldon.

Independent Presidental candidate Eugene McCarthy discusses his campaing and how it is viewed in...

WPFW, 1976?
CSVPress and propaganda.