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Ossman, David.

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PRA Archive # Titlesort descending Description Genre Broadcast Date
KZ0864 A Fireside chat with the Firesign Theatre / Phil Proctor and David Ossman ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Two members discuss the origins, current work, and the future of the comedy group. Album cuts...

KPFK, Feb. 22, 1980.
BB4912 A Glimpse of Juliet of the spirits / interviews by David Ossman.

Actors in Frederico Fellini's film discuss their experiences.

KPFK, 19 Feb. 1966.
BB4854 Accent on Armitage / Merle Armitage ; interviewed by David Ossman.

Discussion of Armitage's life and work.

KPFK, 10 Feb. 1966.
BC1162 Brecht in Hollywood / produced by David Ossman.

Documentary on the life of Brecht during 1941-1947. Included are interviews with Elsa Lanchester...

KPFK, 197-.
BB4531 Capital punishment in California.

Documentary produced by Fred Haines, David Ossman, Mike Tigar, Art Wadsworth, and John Ohliger...

KPFK, 10 Feb. 1964.
BB4878 Chilean poets : Carlos Pezoa Veliz and Vicente Huidobro / read by Carlos Hagen and David Ossman.

Bilingual readings of poetry by two Chilean authors.s

KPFK, 23 Apr. 1966.
SZ0408.13 Foundations for radio (1986) : poems in a sonic environment.

Voice performance by David Ossman, with music by jazz pianist Lar Duggan, guitarist Paul Askell...


Includes the works: Elements of Agriculture--Manures, Household Discoveries, Reading and Writing...

BB4594 Hollywood be thy name / written by Jack Hirschman ; produced by David Ossman and Michael Dayton.

Collage of words and music about Hollywood.

KPFK, 1965.
BB5174 Mao Tse-Tung / read by David Ossman.

Reading of Mao's poetry in English. Includes music.|MAO TSE-TUNG / read by David Ossman...

KPFK, 13 Apr. 1963. 16 May 1973, 23 May 1973, 2 Oct. 1981, 9 Sept 1976, 17 Sept. 1979, 31, Jan. 1977.
BB4957 Pablo Neruda : residencia / read by Carlos Hagen and David Ossman.

Selections from the Spanish poetry of Neruda.

KPFK, 10 Feb. 1964.
KZ0851 Popcorn / directed by Patrick Tovatt and David Ossman ; produced by Paul Vangelisti, Patrick Tovatt, and Bill Hunt.

One act plays.


Maxwell Morgan, Crime Cabbie / by David Ossman. -- Stephen F. Austin Memorial Park / by Barry...


Maxwell Morgan, Crime Cabbie / by David Ossman. -- Stephen F. Austin Memorial Park / by Barry...

KPFK, May, 1978.
KZ0429 Radio free oz, no. 17 / with Peter Bergman, David Ossman, et al.

Comedy and music program celebrating Peter's birthday.

KPFK, Nov. 29, 1978.
BB4461.01-.03 The Banquet years / produced by David Ossman and Judith Kory.

Readings and discussion of literature and art in turn-of-the- century Paris.


r.1. Renee Hubert discusses Apollonaire and the painters (36 min.) -- r.2. Readings of two...

KPFA, May 1965.
BB4865 The Banquet years : Alfred Jarry, pataphysician / read by David Ossman and Fred Kory.

Reading of two of Jarry's short stories.


Dr. Fausroll -- The Supermale.

KPFK, 1965.
BB4859 The Banquet years : an introduction.

Roger Shattuck, David Ossman and Robert Haas discuss turn the century Paris.

KPFK, 13 May 1965.
BB4864 The Banquet years : years of ferment.

Dr. Henri Dorra and Dave Ossman discuss turn of the century European art and letters.

KPFK, 18 Mar. 1965.
BB5134 The Chekov lectures : on character and characterization / introduced by John Dehner ; produced by David Ossman.

Lecture on the writings of Russian author Chekov.

KPFK, 17 Jan. 1965.
BB5063 The Early poetry of Pablo Neruda / read by David Ossman and Carlos Hagen.

A survey of the life and work of the Chilean poet, including readings of his poems.

KPFK, 9 Mar. 1966.
BB4639 The Fifth anniversary of KPFK.

Bob Adler, Sophie Stein, Bill Malloch, David Ossman and Art Wadsworth discuss KPFK and its...

KPFK, 26 July 1964.
BB5034 The French foreign legion / produced by Carlos Hagen ; narrated by David Ossman.

Documentary exploring the French Foreign Legion.

KPFK, 13 Feb. 1966.
BB3389 The Maximus poems / by Charles Olsen ; read by David Ossman.

Selected readings from Olsen's book of poetry.

WBAI, 23 Apr. 1965.
CSVOssman, David.