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Nuclear research.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0149 Speaking freely : Daniel Ellsberg / produced by Daniel Ellsberg.

Ellsberg discusses the University of California s involvement in nuclear weapons development...


r.1. Neutron bomb -- r.2. Proposal for U.C. withdrawal from weapons development -- r.3....


r.1. Neutron bomb -- r.2. Proposal for U.C. withdrawal from weapons development -- r.3....

KPFA, Jan. 1978.
AZ0150 Energy for tomorrow : the promise of laser fusion.

Controlling thermonuclear fusion to produce electricity, applications of laser-driven inertial...

KPFA, Jan. 18, 1978.
AZ0420 Edward Teller.

Speech in favor of nuclear weapons and technology.|EDWARD TELLER...

KPFA, 1980.
BB0548 Principal address at 15th annual Weizman Institute dinner / J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Physicist discusses nuclear weapons research.

KPFA, 18 Feb. 1962.
BB1567 Interview with Leo Szilard / interviewed by Robert Schutz.

Physicist discusses his role in developing a chain reaction in atomic fission.|INTERVIEW WITH...

KPFA, 9 Jan. 1961.
BB3237 The Challenge to science / Charles Snow.

Talk on the social responsibility of scientists, and on China's development of Atomic...

WBAI, 1960.
BB4439 The English national book awards ceremonies / J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Scientist in charge of developing the first nuclear bomb discusses his life and his political...

WBAI, 23 May 1963.
BC0782 Production and reproduction / Edward Teller.

Talk and question and answer period about the social impact of nuclear research.|PRODUCTION AND...

KPFA, 9 May 1965.
BC2536 Population and energy / interviewed by Lindsay Audin.

Interview of the director of Negative Population Growth and reviews of articles about Project...

WBAI, 1975.
WZ0160 Vepco and its nuclear program / produced by Rich Pollack.

On the company's involvement in nuclear development.

WPFW, Aug. 2, 1977.
CSVNuclear research.