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Military policy -- United States.

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AZ0966 The C.I.A., the Persian Gulf, and National Security / Philip Agee.

Philip Agee, the first CIA Secret Operations Officer to go public 20 years ago, speaks on role...

BB0535 Non-military defense : Rand Corporation report R-322.

Report on the Rand Corporation's proposed alternative to traditional military defense...

KPFA, 5 Aug. 1960.
BB1227 U.S. policy in Southeast Asia / Maxwell D. Taylor.

U.S. Army General discusses American involvement in the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 7 July 1967.
BB2192 U.S. chemical and biological warfare policies / Joshua Letterberg, Arthur Galston, and Matthew Messelson.

Speeches from a congressional meeting on U.S. military policy.|U.S. CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL...

KPFA, 19 Aug. 1969.
BB2193 Recent developments in MERV / Herbert York, J.P. Rowena, and Moorhead.

On the research, development, and implication of the multi- warhead missles.|RECENT DEVELOPMENTS...

WBAI 19 Aug. 1969.
BB2194 Upwards and onwards in the strategic arms race.

Talk on the international arms race.

WBAI, 19 Sept. 1969.
BB2195 New military technology / Seymour Hersh and Tom Klein.

Discussion on the plan for a rapid deployment force based upon transport ships and C5A planes....

WBAI, 19 Sept. 1969.
BB3018 One night a week and two weeks each.

On America's ready reserve soldiers.|ONE NIGHT A WEEK AND TWO WEEKS EACH...

WBAI, 196-.
BB3983 Strength in reserve / produced by Bill Schechner.

Documentary on the aims and failures of the Army Reserve.

WBAI, 30 Jan. 1971.
BB4241.01-.02 Defense establishment on the defensive / moderated by Senator Joseph Clark.

Seymour Melman, Herman Kahn, David Dellinger, Allard Lowenstein discuss United States defense...

WBAI, 18 Oct. 1969.
BB4251 Interview with David Dellinger / by Tom Moore.

Discussion of United States defense policy.|INTERVIEW WITH DAVID DELLINGER / interviewed by Tom...

WBAI, 197-
BB4323 Discussion on the destruction of offensive biological weapons / Steve Bookshester ; interviewed by Seymour Hersh.

Discussion of American military policies, and the challenge of the My Lai courtmarshal.

WBAI, 28 Dec. 1970.
BB4337 The Problems of the army / Lt. Col. Edward L. King ; interviewed by Steve Bookshester.

Retired army officer discusses the structural, social, and political problems facing the...

WBAI, 19 Oct. 1970.
BB4360 Abe Rosenthal on the Pentagon Papers / introduced by Neal Conan.

Speech about the controversy over the Pentagon Papers.

WBAI, 20 July 1971.
BB4784 Defense, the bomb and disarmament / Herman Kahn.

Rand Corporation member gives his views on the defense situation, the nuclear bomb and...

KPFK, 1966.
BB4808 A Just peace in Vietnam / Richard Nixon.

Presidential address on the need for peace with honor before American troops could be withdrawn...

KPFK, 15 Dec. 1969.
BC0019.32 Racism in the military / Thomas Culver.

Air Force captain Culver speaks to the Black Caucus about his experiences with racism in the...

WBAI, 16 Nov. 1971.
BC0020.03 Interview with Louis Font and Robert Johnson / Cong. Ron Dellums.

Font and Johnson discuss the military and the war in Vietnam.

WBAI, 29 Mar. 1971.
BC0154.01-.02 What the Pentagon papers do and do not reveal / moderated byBill Northwood.

Jon Livingston, Marty Gellen, Franz Schurmann, Jim Peck, Peter Dale Scott and Banning Garrett...

KPFA, 2 July 1971.
BC1293 Micronesia : a U.S. floating fortress / Roger Gale ; interviewed by Marty Gellen.

Discussion of the increasing American reliance on the Pacific Ocean Island chain for a military...

KPFA, 13 Dec. 1972.
BC1388 Another Vietnam : Spain today.

Abe Osheroff, Ben Rosenthal, Alvarez del Vayo, William Fulbright and Jacob Javits speak about...

KPFK, 1972.
BC2038 B 1 and war.

Examination of the B-1 bomber project and other American weapon development programs.

WBAI, 25 Sept. 1974.
BC2845 Rotary Club of Brooklyn luncheon / Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird.

Laird discusses the American military. Includes other segments of the luncheon.|ROTARY CLUB OF...

WBAI, 26 Apr. 1972.
BC2846 An Interview with Daniel Ellsberg / interviewed by Nick Egleson.

Interview with person responsible for the release of the Pentagon Papers.|AN INTERVIEW WITH...

WBAI, 19 Sept. 1972.
BC2862 Spooks, planes, and heroin : keys to escalation in Indochina / Peter Dale Scott ; interviewed by Nick Egleson.

Author of The War Conspiracy discusses the CIA and pentagon backed conspiracy to misinform the...

WBAI, 3 July 1972.
BC2865 Hearings on discrimination in the military / Ron Dellums and Shirley Chisholm ; introduced by Danice Bordett.

Press conference given by California Congressman Ron Dellums and New York Congresswoman Shirley...

American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination WBAI, 3 Nov. 1971.
BC2868 War powers and the executive / Henry Steele Commager.

Historians testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings about Presidential...

WBAI, 22 Mar. 1971.
KZ1245 Colonel David Hackworth : the most decorated soldier / recorded by Ian Masters.

Criticism of the military and a denouncement of war by a former soldier who received the most...

KPFK, May 31, 1982.
KZ1357 Star wars : the Reagan reality / produced by Raffaello Mazza and Bob Rusfvold.

Documentary report on U.S. plans to develop weapons for space. Includes statements by Ronald...

KPFK, 1984.
KZ1395 Rise up with wings as eagles / William Sloane Coffin.

Talk on American foreign policy. William Coffin discusses nuclear deterrence as a mass-hostage...


r.1. Lecture (46 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (44 min.).


r.1. Lecture (46 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (44 min.).

KPFK, 9 July 1985.
PZ0117 The War Powers Act and foreign relations : Grenada and Lebanon / Philip Trimble ; interviewed by Helen Mickiewicz.

Professor of International Law discusses Reagan's violation of the War Powers Act and...

4 Nov. 1983.
CSVMilitary policy -- United States.