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Military expenditures.

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PZ0080 Caspar Weinberger.

Secretary of Defense speaks to the American Stock Exchange to encourage foreign investment in U....

PZ0034 Defense budget / Casper Weinberger.

The Secretary of Defense on Reagan's proposed defense budget increase for 1982.

KZ0747 Ms. Schroeder goes to Washington / Patricia Schroeder interviewed by Tim Rosenfeld

Patricia Schroeder (July 30, 1940- ) was a Denver, Colorado lawyer who ran an unconventional...

KPFK, Oct. 2, 1979.
KZ0763 Praise the train and dump the ammunition / William Winpisinger ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Aerospace union leader calls for reduced defense spending and conversion to peaceful production...

KPFK, Nov. 1, 1979.
PZ0067 Senate Foreign Relations Committee : testimony / by Maxwell Taylor.

Former army general proposes a policy for military defense and international security based on a...

KZ1080 Teach-in on Reaganomics, the corporate state, and the future of democracy.

A panel of experts and analysts discuss the transfer of funding from social problems to the...


r.1. Keynote address / Stanley Aronowitz. -- r.2. On Reagan's foreign policy / Bill...

KPFK, Oct. 7, 1981.
PZ0095 Ted Kennedy on nuclear freeze.

Speech by the senator on nuclear disarmament and military defense spending.

KZ0818.02 The Arms race vs. the human race : a call for economic conversion / William Winpisinger.

President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers speaks.

KPFK, Oct. 31-Nov. 13, 1979.
PZ0059 The Full implications of the military budget : the Dellums hearings.

Actuality of ad hoc congressional hearings on the defense budget held March 16, 17, 18, 30 31,...


r.1. Ron Dellums opening comments -- r.2. William Fulbright -- r.3. John Gaddis and Walter La...


r.1. Ron Dellums opening comments -- r.2. William Fulbright -- r.3. John Gaddis and Walter La...

AZ0395 The Implications of the military budget / Ron Dellums.

Long range impact of the defense budget, including nuclear war, NATO, our allies, oil, and MX...

KPFA, Feb. 13, 1980.
IZ0195.06 What's it for : the military budget / by Barry Commoner ; produced by Joe Cuomo.

Proposes alternatives to military expenditures.

WBAI, June 16, 1982.
CSVMilitary expenditures.