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Mazzocchi, Tony

June 13, 1926 - October 5, 2002. Union organizer and activist; Presidential assistant with the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union (OCAW) in the 1970s.
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AZ0581.03 Cancer / produced by Michael Singsen and Peggy Stein. (Episode 3 of 5)

Cancer--it can be caused by the work we do. But how much? What causes it? Who is to blame? What...

American Women -- Health, American Women -- Work and unions KPFA, July 16, 1981
AZ0581.04 Genetic hazards / produced by Michael Singsen and Mary Shinoff. (Episode 4 of 5)

How do the jobs we do affect our unborn generations? What are genetic toxins? How can we protect...

American Women -- Health, American Women -- Work and unions KPFA, July 1981
BB3960 Son of earth day.

Speeches and music from the teach-in on ecological concerns.


r.1. Allen Ginsberg, Pete Seeger, Torn Stokes, George Wiley, Congressman Ed Koch, Tony Mazzocchi...

WBAI, 18 Aug. 1970.
BC0977 Asbestos : the deadly mineral / produced by Nick Egleson and Bonnie Bellow.

Examination of the dangers of asbestos with Dr. Nicholson, Selikof, Tony Mazzocchi and...

WBAI, 1972.
BC1273 Health hazards in the workplace : hearings on industrial health / moderated by Tony Mazzacchi.

Susan Daum, Davie Wegman and Sidney Wolfe discuss and answer questions posed by union...

KPFK, 2 Dec. 1972.
BC1402 Is it safe to work?

Dr. Barry Commoner, Tony Mazzocchi and Francis Cook discuss safety on the job and the Shell Oil...

KPFA, 2 July 1973.
BC2214 Can we afford occupational health? / produced by Bonnie Bellow.

Documentary on safety in the workplace. Participants include Anthony Mazzocchi and Joe Wagoner...

WBAI, 197-.
PZ0165.03 Agriculture / executive producer Bill Wax.

Two talks. Jim Hightower, a populist Texas Agriculture Commissioner and author of Eat Your Heart...


r.1. Jim Hightower (48:30) -- r.2. Tony Mazzocchi (24:30).

PZ0343.038 The Labor Party

The Labor Party Today's guests will be discussing the Congressional Meeting of the Labor...

November 23, 1998
SZ0041 Putting the movement back in labor : rebuilding the labor movement in the 1980s / produced by Chris Ballman.

Actuality from the annual Labor Notes Conference: Tony Mazzocchi, Oil, Chemical and Atomic...

WMUA, 1981.
CSVMazzocchi, Tony