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Human Potentials movement.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0586 Healing self and society / produced by Will Noffke.

A panel on the political possibilities for the human potentials movement: Marilyn Fergusen,...

KPFA, Oct. 4, 1981.
BB0004 Symbols of eternal life / by Paul Tillich.

Speech on how the creative movement in the human spirit brings man eternal life.|SYMBOLS OF...

KPFA, 16 Feb. 1960.
BB0028 The Cult of research and creativity / Jacques Bazan. [correct spelling believed to be Barzun]

Speech on the nature of human creativity in todays world.|THE CULT OF RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY /...

KPFA, 26 Oct. 1959.
BB4831 The Road to life / George Wald.

Talk on science, technology, and the human potentials movement.|THE ROAD TO LIFE / George Wald...

KPFA, 9 Sept. 1970.
BC0829 In one ear and out the other / produced by Caryl Ratner, Marc Spector and David Rapkin

Examination of the human mind; how it works and how it should/could work. Get together with R.D...

American Women -- Psychology and psychotherapy WBAI, February 26, 1972
BC1240.01 Interview with Gene Kieffer / interviewed by Karl Heussenstamm.

Discussion of Kundalini and cosmic energy.|INTERVIEW WITH GENE KIEFFER / interviewed by Karl...

KPFK, 3 Feb. 1973.
BC1240.02-.04 The Serpent power / Gopi Krishna ; interviewed by Gene Kieffer.

Discussion on the Kundalini process, the evolution of man, psychic phenomenon and high...

KPFK, 10-24 Feb. 1973.
BC1411 Topanga kirtan with Baba Ram Dass.

Discussion of Baba Ram Dass' life and the spiritual life, chanting, and part of a religious...

KPFK, 197-.
KZ0413 Emotion Slavery I / Dr. Carl Faber.

Series of nine lectures and an interview.


r.1. Selfishness, ignorance, and ageism (68 min.). -- r.2. Children as slaves (69 min.). -- r.3...

KPFK, Sept. 7-30, 1977.
KZ0414 Emotional slavery II / Dr. Carl Faber.

Series of nine lectures and an interview by the psychologist.


r.1. Review of emotional slavery (68 min.). r.2. Desperation as the beginning, pt. 1 (60 min.)....

KPFK, Oct. 5-28, 1977.
KZ0416.01 Functional integration / Moshe Feldenkrais.

Educational therapist talks about smoking, jogging, psychotherapy, aggression, trying, pain,...

KPFK, June 10, 1978.
KZ0416.02 Bio-energetics / Alexander Lowen.

An associate of Wilhelm Reich talks about planning, doing less, T'ai Chi, the human aura,...

KPFK, June 13, 1978.
KZ0416.04 Discoveries of Elsa Gindler / Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks.

Selver discusses integrating spiritual and intellectual paths, sensory awareness, quiet,...

KPFK, June, 1978.
KZ0416.05 Eustress / Hans Selye.

Pioneer of the concept of stress discusses his lifestyle and eustress.

KPFK, June 13, 1978.
KZ0416.06 Experimental physiology / Barbara Brown.

Lecturer at U.C.L.A. psychiatry department discusses biofeedback, smoking, control, the...

KPFK, June 27, 1978.
KZ0416.08 Psychotherapy / Carl Rogers.

Originator of non-directive therapy discusses political understanding, roles, change and...

KPFK, June 27, 1978.
KZ0416.09 Social decline / Margaret Mead.

Anthropologist talks about her career, ERA, the race model vs. women's and gay liberation,...

KPFK, June 27, 1978.
KZ0449 Visions of beauty / Carl Faber and Eddie Arkin ; produced by Roy Tuckman.

A clinical psychologist and a musician describe the inner and outer experiences of the creative...

KPFK, June 27, 1978.
KZ0458 Liars and lying / by Dr. Carl Faber.

Eight lectures and an interview by the clinical psychologist.


r.1. The Experience of truth and lie in a relationship (57 min.) -- r.2. Lying and shame (51 min...

KPFK, Mar. 8-Apr. 20, 1978.
KZ0514 The Fisher-Hoffman process / Joanie Goldstein ; interviewed by Herschel Lymon.

On a recent therapy for overcoming life troubles.

KPFK, Sept. 5, 1977.
KZ0515 Human growth center / Charles Kelley ; interviewed by Herschel Lymon.

On Reichian therapy.

KPFK, Feb. 13, 1976.
KZ0527 Selfishness and greed / Carl Faber.

Clinical psychologist on how the selfish live off of the labor of the givers.

KPFK, Jan. 3, 1979.
KZ1518 The Possible society : Jean Houston's address to the World Affairs Council / produced by Pam Burton.

Jean Houston, one of the pioneers in the study of LSD and human personality, speaks on ways in...

KFPK, 5 July 1984.
KZ1580.05 A Spiritual response to the environmental crisis / Peter Russell ; produced by Pam Burton.

Part of seven programs about caring for the earth and the environment.|A SPIRITUAL RESPONSE TO...


Peter Russell, author, environmentalist, and lecturer on creativity and the development of the...

CSVHuman Potentials movement.