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Gay rights--United States

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AZ0090 Ben Hooks interview / produced by Fruit Punch Collective.

Benjamin Hooks, head of the NAACP and first African-American FCC commissioner, is interviewed by...

KPFA, Apr. 1977.
AZ0099.02 New directions from the gay left (Part 2 of 2)

Excerpts from the "Faggots and Class Struggle" Conference held Labor Day weekend, 1976...


Sensitive language.

AZ0102 Gay American history / Jonathan Katz

Katz appears in San Francisco to discuss his recently published book, Gay American History....

AZ0127 Orange Tuesday Reaction / produced by the Fruit Punch Collective

Fruit Punch produced this program the day after Dade County voters denied gay people their civil...

KPFA, June 8, 1977.
AZ0128 Therapy, solidarity work, Silverstein memorial

Dialectical Therapy: New Directions From the Gay Left. Kevin Burke interviews two members of a...

KPFA, Feb. 16, 1977.
AZ0131 Orange Tuesday analysis

This episode of news from the Fruit Punch Collective is a review and analysis of the Dade County...

KPFA, June 15, 1977.
AZ0202 Gay freedom day 1978

Program produced by Philip Maldari. This sound portrait of the parade held in San Francisco for...


KPFA Folio notes, June 1979, p.1: While pleased to have won the award, [Maldari] does not feel...

1978-07-20. First broadcast 1978-06-27.
AZ0203 Reaction to Dan White verdict

This tape features man-on-the-street reactions to the verdict of the Dan White trial that...

AZ0294 The lesbian underground: on being a lesbian before the women's liberation movement

Sabrina Sojourner hosts a discussion on the lesbian underground, or what it was like to be a...

American Women -- Lesbians KPFA, Dec. 11, 1978.
AZ0684 Moscone-Milk newscast

KPFA news broadcast from 27 November, 1978, which covered the assassination of San Francisco...

BB0012A The homosexual in our society (Part 1 of 2)

This recording from 1958 - the earliest known radio recording to overtly discuss homosexuality...


KPFA Folio note, November 23-December 6, 1958, (Volume 9, number 18), p.4
Monday, November...

KPFA, 1958-11-24
BB0012B The homosexual in our society (Part 2 of 2)

In the second part of this ground-breaking radio panel discussion on homosexuals, Elsa Knight...


KPFA Folio note, November 23-December 6, 1958, (Volume 9, number 18), p.4
Monday, November...

KPFA, 1958-11-24
BB1722.02 Cops and robbers II: Transsexuals and the police

Three transsexuals discuss police problems and their work as members of C.O.G., Conversion our...

KPFA 1968-08-04
CSVGay rights--United States