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Frasca, Tim.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0491 Reports from the convention.

On the issues and concerns of mayors, Arab-Americans, conservationists, and gays at the 1980...

KPFA, Aug. 1980.
KZ1124 El Salvador -- the elections : a series of reports / produced by Marc Cooper and Tim Frasca.

Eight reports from El Salvador by Marc Cooper, Ronnie Lovler, and Eugene Palomobo covering the...

KPFK, Mar. 24-30, 1982.
PZ0005 The Iranian student association / Mohammad Roushanaie ; interviewed by Tim Frasca.

General secretary of the Iranian Student's association on the Shah's regime and...

PZ0020 In Eritrea : a view of Africa's Horn / Dan Connell ; interviewed by Tim Frasca.

On the military and foreign situation in the Horn of Africa.

PZ0021 Keynote for the "old" right / Jack Kemp ; recorded by Tim Frasca.

Congressman speaks at convention of American Conservative Union, Young Americans for Freedom,...

PZ0027 New right attacks Pacifica / reported by Tim Frasca.

Report on the National Conservative Political Action committee's direct verbal attack of...

PZ0028 The NCPAC meets the press / recorded by Tim Frasca.

On the religious right's fight against liberalism and its claim of a changing U.S. public...

PZ0054 License challenge against WPFW.

Report on the license challenge filed by Daniel J. Popeo of the American Legal Foundation...

PZ0055 The Human rights formula / produced by Tim Frasca.

Excerpts from Ernest Lefever's confirmation hearings for Assistant Secretary of State for...

KPFK, May 26, 1981.
PZ0110 Fear of infidels : prejudice against Arab-Americans / produced by Adi Gevins, Tim Frasca and Musindo Mwinyipembe.

Examination of attitudes towards Arabs who have immigrated to the United States.

KPFA, 2 Nov. 1983.
PZ0112 Capitalspeak : the many inventive varieties of the English language manufactured in Washington, D.C. / produced by Tim Frasca, Adi Gevins and Musindo Mwinyipembe.

Examination of official Washington language; the jargon and abbreviations which limit access to...

3 Oct. 1983.
PZ0113 God : the tie-breaking vote / produced by Tim Frasca, Adi Gevins and Musindo Mwinyipebe.

Examination of the ethical and philosophical questions involving religion in the American...

2 July 1983.
PZ0114 The Washington cocktail party : a study in the separation of press and state / produced by Tim Frasca, Adi Gevins and Musindo Mwinyipembe.

Documentary from actualities exploring the role of the cocktail party in national political...

16 July 1983.
PZ0115 Reagonomics : the symbolic balance / produced by Tim Frasca, Adi Gevins and Musindo Mwinyipembe.

Historical documentary exploring how the tradition of American "rugged individualism"...

CSVFrasca, Tim.