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Folk music, English.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
IZ0101 Concertina and cappella : Royston Wood / produced by Edward Haber.

Discusses and performs traditional English music.

WBAI, Jan. 14, 1978.
IZ0102 Traditional English singer : Heather Wood / produced by Edward Haber.

Discusses and performs her music.

WBAI, Dec. 31, 1977.
IZ0103 The Ancient Orphic Mystery Band / produced by Edward Harber.

Traditional Anglo-Irish music by Karen Seime, C.B. Heinemann, and Elise Kress.

WBAI, Dec. 3, 1977.
IZ0120 Albion sunrise : an interview with Martin Carthy / by Edward Haber and Robert Rodriguez.

Includes recordings of English folk music.

WBAI, Dec. 13, 1978.
IZ0122 Steve Ashley / interviewed by Edward Haber.

English songwriter and performer in the traditional music revival.

WBAI, Mar. 11, 1978.
IZ0129 Vin Garbutt / interviewed by Edward Haber.

Discussion and performance of traditional English music.

WBAI, Sept. 9, 1978.
IZ0133 The Flying Cloud / recorded by Edward Haber.

New York based traditional English music group.

WBAI, June 24, 1978.
IZ0141 Allan Taylor / interviewed by Edward Haber.

Songwriter of traditional English music with American country and cajun influences.

WBAI, Apr. 14, 1979.
IZ0155 Mike Elliott and Ed Pickford / interviewed by Edward Haber.

Two folk singers from the Tyneside region of England.

WBAI, Sept. 22, 1979.
IZ0156 The Bully Wee Band / recorded by Edward Haber.

Performance of English music by the London based band.

WBAI, Oct. 6, 1979.
IZ0168 A Nick Drake retrospective / produced by Edward Haber.

Selections by the British folk revival songwriter.

WBAI, Jan. 19, 1980.
IZ0169 The Life and music of Ralph McTell / interviewed by Edward Haber.

Includes selections from the English songwriter s recordings.

WBAI, Feb. 2, 1980.
IZ0171 Producer Austin John Marshall / interviewed by Edward Haber.

His work with English folk revivalists Shirley Collins, Steve Ashley, and others. Includes...

WBAI, Mar. 1, 1980.
IZ0176 Conundrum / interviewed by Edward Haber.

Three members of the British folk group: Bert Jansch, Martin Jenkins, and Nigel Portman-Smith....

WBAI, Sept. 6, 1980.
IZ0192 De Danann / Maura O'Connell and Jackie Daly ; interviewed by Edward Haber.

Includes performance by the English musicians.

WBAI, Nov. 15, 1980.
IZ0194 Traditional and modern English music / Roy Bailey ; interviewed by Edward Haber.

Includes performance of both traditional and modern English music.

WBAI, Feb. 28, 1981.
IZ0197 Concertina and song / Royston Wood ; interviewed by Edward Haber.

Includes recordings by the English musician.

WBAI, May. 22, 1980.
IZ0198 A women's guitar / Gill Burns ; interviewed by Edward Haber.

Guitarist, folksinger and songwriter Gill Burns is interviewed by Edward Haber at WBAI's...

American Women -- Music and musicians WBAI, 5 Apr. 1980.
IZ0199 Traditional folksinger / Chris Foster ; interviewed by Edward Haber.

Includes performance of his English folk music.

WBAI, Apr. 12, 1980.
IZ0200 Welsh guitarist / John James ; interviewed by Edward Haber.

Includes performance of his folk, jazz, and ragtime music.

WBAI, June 7, 1980.
IZ0202 My song is my own / Frankie Armstrong ; interviewed by Edward Haber.

Includes live performance by the English folk revivalist.

WBAI, Aug. 9, 1980.
IZ0204 Eagle Tavern concert / Chris Foster and Gill Burnes ; produced by Edward Haber.

Live performance by singer-guitarists.

WBAI, July 30, 1980.
CSVFolk music, English.