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PRA Archive # Titlesort descending Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB0290.02 A Dialogue on recent developments in psychology.

Abraham Maslow, Rollo May, and Carl Rogers discuss the influence of existentialism on recent...

KPFA, 21 Oct. 1962.
BB0290.03 Carl Rogers speaking on values.

Rogers expresses an existentialist view of value formation.|CARL ROGERS SPEAKING ON VALUES...

KPFA, 20 Oct. 1962.
SZ0759.03 Crossroads / produced by Elizabeth Perez-Luna.

Ongoing weekly radio newsmagazine focusing upon minority issues and broader issues from a...


pt.1. The impact of "crack babies" on schools and social services : a positive...

Satellite, 7 May 1993.
BC0067 David Chagall : The Diary of a Deaf Mute / interview by Peggy Holter.

Author discusses his concepts of existentialism.

KPFA, 3 July 1971.
BB0290.01 Existential psychology : dialogue / Abraham Maslow and Rollo May.

Maslow and May discuss existential psychology.|EXISTENTIAL PSYCHOLOGY : DIALOGUE / Abraham...

KPFA, 15 Oct. 1962.
BB4462.01-.04 Existentialism and modern morality / Frederick Mayer.

Lectures on modern philosophy and morality.

KPFA, 11 July-24 Aug. 1967.
BB0442 Hegel and Rilke : a prophecy and its fulfillment / Erich Heller.

German scholar discusses the role of Hegel and Rilke in the development of existential...

KPFA, 4 Jan. 1964.
BB3225 Life and the living / George Wald.

Talk on philosophies of meaning in an impersonal world.|LIFE AND THE LIVING / Goerge Wald...

WBAI, 3 Oct. 1969.
BB3813.01-.11 Like you're nobody / produced by Louis Gallo.

Experimental radio broadcasts exploring the lonliness of modern life.

WBAI, 1971.
BB0889.04 Nietzche's philosophy in the light of contemporary events / Thomas Mann.

Talk on the impact of Nietzche's work.

KPFA, 21 Oct. 1961.
BB3677 Norman Mailer at the University of Chicago : existentialist writing.


WBAI, 28 Aug. 1963.
KZ0079 On Martin Buber / Carl Faber ; produced by Carlos Hagen.

On Buber's struggles with individualism, despair, and lonliness.

KPFK, 1977?
BB0468 One dimensional man / Herbert Marcuse ; interviewed by Chris Koch and John Simon.

Discussion of Marcuse's book on man in the modern world.

KPFA, 18 July 1964.
BB0006.02-.06 Paul Tillich at Boston : the Lowell Lecture series.

Series of lectures discussing how individuals become part of "mass man."


r.1. missing. -- r.2-3. Self-understanding of man in contemporary thought (123 min.). -- r.4....


r.1. missing. -- r.2-3. Self-understanding of man in contemporary thought (123 min.). -- r.4....

KPFA, 1959.
BB4187 Sartre and the predicament in morality / Walter Kaufman.

Talk on the impact of existential thought on personal morality.|SARTRE AND THE PREDICAMENT IN...

KPFK, 28 July 1965.
BB0005.02 Self-integration of life : its ambiguities and the ethical answer / Paul Tillich.

Speech on the positive as well as the negative aspects of the "self."

KPFA, 1959.
BB4454.04 Symbolism of neurosis : an existential approach / Kurt Reinhardt.

Talk on the individual's struggle to relate in a alienating world.

KPFA, 26 Mar. 196.
BB4188.01 The Courage of despair / Paul Tillich.

Talk and discussion about the existentialist view of protest and contemporary life; panel is...

KPFK, 2 June 1963.
BB4188.02 The Courage to be / Paul Tillich.

Talk and discussion about the existentialist view of personal courage, and the sense of...

KPFK, 9 June 1963.
BC0173.09-.10 The Individual adventure / Dr. Joseph Campbell.

Talk presenting an existentialperspective on myths.

KPFA, 28 July 1971.
BC1333.01-.04 The Phenomenon of man /

Documentary on the French Catholic existential philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, including...

KPFA, 197-.
BB0736.05 What line between criticism and poetry? / Stephen Spender.

Talk on the existentialist revolution in poetry, and the resulting need for a critical...

KPFA, 26 Mar. 1959.