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Elections -- United States -- 1968.

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PRA Archive #sort ascending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
KZ2476 Pacifica radio archive hour : William Malloch

Tape box note: Pam Burton on KPFK's Pacifica Radio Archive Hour program pays tribute to...

KZ1915.01 Prelude to the 1960's and the 1960's / Ambrose Lane.

Examination of the need for Americans to participate in the political process in order to alter...


r.1. Personal experience of growing up in the 1960's -- Segregation in the South -- The...


r.1. Personal experience of growing up in the 1960's -- Segregation in the South -- The...

Nov. 1992.
BC0536 Who killed Bobby Kennedy?

Documentary on the assassination of Robert Kennedy, suggesting that Sirhan Sirhan did not act...

KPFK, 11 Jan.1972.
BC0404 Voyage to Haiphong / Phillip Drath ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Drath discusses his recent campaign for Congressman from California and his trip on the ship the...

KPFA, 1969.
BB4764 The Will of the minority / reported by William Malloch.

Examination of minority politics in the 1968 elections.

KPFK, 23 Aug. 1968.
BB4757 Which direction for the left in 1968 / moderated by George Willet.

Michael Schon and Dorothy Healey discuss potentials for New Left politics in the 1968 elections...

KPFK, 21 Apr. 1968.
BB4681 Pat Paulson $.89 testimonial dinner / introduction by Carl Reiner.

Comedian's Presidential campaign fund-raising dinner.|PAT PAULSON'S $.89 TESTIMONIAL...

KPFK, 16 Sept. 1968.
BB3190 U.S. peace talks : an election year fraud / Tom Hayden.

Talk on the influence of election year politicing on the Vietnam War peace talks.|U.S. PEACE...

WBAI, 25 July 1968.
BB3179 Eugene McCarthy in New Hampshire.

Campaign speech during his 1968 Presidential campaign.|EUGENE MCCARTHY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE...

WBAI, 29 Jan. 1968.
BB3163 An Interview with Herman Ferguson / interviewed by Kay Lindsey.

Ferguson discusses his arrest, trial, and Senatorial candidacy for the Peace and Freedom party...

WBAI, 19 June 1968.
BB3156 Pacifica Democratic Convention wrap-up / moderated by Frank Millspaugh.

Final program of Pacifica's coverage of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago...

WBAI, 4 Sept. 1968.
BB3148 Interviews with Eldridge Cleaver and Judith Mage / interviewed by Kay Lindsay.

Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates for the Peace and Freedom Party discuss their...

WBAI, 24 Oct. 1968.
BB3133 Kennedy vs. McCarthy / Jack Newfield ; interviewed by Bob Murphy.

Evaluatation of the two Democratic Presidential Candidates, Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy.|...

WBAI, 29 Apr. 1968.
BB2254 Hubert Humphrey at the Commonwealth Club.

Democratic Presidential candidate's campaign speech.

KPFA, 4 Aug. 1968.
CSVElections -- United States -- 1968.