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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0053 A Soviet journalist looks at SALT, China, and the human rights issue / Spartak Beglov ; produced by Banning Garrett.

Beglov, political columnist with Navosti Press Agency, is interviewed by Garrett, Anita Frankel...

KPFA, 1977.
AZ0300 SALT II and US-Soviet relations / Ron Dellums and Marcus Raskin.

On how politicians view SALT II and why it must be supported.

KPFA, July 30, 1979.
AZ0384 Dave McFadden and Natalie Shiras / interviewed by William Mandel.

Two religious pacifists who discussed disarmament with Soviet citizens.|DAVE McFADDEN AND...

KPFA, Dec. 17, 1979.
AZ0405 Soviet nuclear power plants / Helen Caldicott interviewed by William Mandel

Dr. Helen Caldicott talks of Soviet nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons, SALT II, and...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFA, March 31, 1980
AZ0415 Jeremy Stone : SALT II and III / produced by Laurie Garrett.

Declares detente ended with the invasion of Afghanistan.

KPFA, 1980?
AZ0419 Everett Mendelsohn : disarmament / produced by Laurie Garrett.

How hawks in Washington D.C. have revived the arms race.

KPFA, 1980?
AZ0422 An Historical look at the disarmament movement / Linus Pauling.


KPFA, 1980.
AZ0423 On nuclear war / Daniel Ellsberg.

On how the U.S. nuclear policy is not simply for defensive purposes.|ON NUCLEAR WAR / Daniel...

KPFA, 1980.
AZ0489 M X missile debate.

Statements for and against the M X missile.

KPFA, 1980.
AZ0634 Deadline for disarmament : arms control in the 1980s / produced by Mara Liasson and Alan Snitow.

Documentary on the disarmament movement. Includes speeches from the United Nations second...

KPFA, Aug. 1982.
AZ0648 Brezhnev's disarmament proposals / translated and read by William Mandel.

On Brezhnev's speeches about the Russian desire for peace and disarmament. Phone-ins.

KPFA, 28 May 1978.
BB0047 Negotiating disarmament / Philip Noel-Baker.

Speech on the need for meaningful disarmament to counter the threat of increasingly deadly...

KPFA, 13 Apr. 1959.
BB0050 Unilateral disarmament in Britain / interviews by Clive Jenkins.

British labor leader interviews politicians and religious leaders about the anti-nuclear...

KPFA, 24 Mar. 1960.
BB0085 Khrushchev at the World Affairs Council Luncheon, Los Angeles.

Soviet Premier makes a plea for peace and disarmament.|KHRUSHCHEV AT THE WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL...

KPFK, 28 Oct. 1962.
BB0127 The Night before Chiristmas.

Report on the vigil for arms control held outside of Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern...

KPFK, 24 Dec. 1960.
BB0138 Nehru at the 1960 General Assembly of the United Nations.

Speech on the need for world peace and disarmament.|NEHRU AT THE 1960 GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE...

KPFA, 8 Nov. 1960.
BB0141 Eisenhower addresses the United Nations General Assembly.

U.S. President discusses disarmament and the ideals of the United States government.|EISENHOWER...

KPFA, Nov. 1960.
BB0142 Tito addresses the United Nations General Assembly, 1960.

Yugoslav President Tito speaks on world peace and disarmament.|TITO ADDRESSES THE UNITED NATIONS...

KPFA, 8 Nov. 1960.
BB0143 MacMillan addresses the United Nations General Assembly, 1960.

British Prime Minister speaks on world peace and disarmament.|MACMILLAN ADDRESSES THE UNITED...

KPFA, 8 Nov. 1960.
BB0144 Krushchev addresses the United Nations General Assembly, 1960.

Soviet Premier expresses on the Soviet view of colonialism, the Third World, and disarmament....

KPFA, 8 Nov. 1960.
BB0212 Walk for peace / Ed Lazar and Barton Stone ; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Two Committee for Non-violent Action members discuss their San Francisco to Moscow walk for...

KPFA, 24 Dec. 1961.
BB0446 Russian delegate to the U.N. / Dr. N.T. Fedorenko.

U.N. delegate speaks at a meeting of the Model U.N. of the Pacific West on the need for world...

KPFA, 27 Apr. 1963.
BB1760 Japan and the anti-war movement / Mioko Fujieda ; interviewed by Richard Lock.

Publisher of Japanese Press Review and Fujieda, discusses the Japanese anti-war movement.

KPFA, 20 June 1968.
BB1761 The Japanese peace movement / Tsurumi Yoshiyuri ; interviewed by Richard Lock.

Publisher of Japanese Press Review and representative of Beheiren, a Japanese anti-war...

KPFA, 6 May 1968.
BB4716 Bertrand Russell on nuclear disarmament.

Talk on the need for world disarmament.

KPFK, 20 Jan. 1970.
BB5330 The Limits of power for national security and the path to disarmament / Dr. Seymour Melman.

Reading of Melman's speech delivered to a Symposium on Disarmament Problems held in Moscow...

WBAI, 17 Jan. 1972.
BC2701 Dismantling the war machine / George Lakey.

Discussion of the military and the possibilities for disarmament.

WBAI, 197-.
IZ0195.04 Nuclear freeze : is it enough? / by Barry Commoner ; produced by Joe Cuomo.

On the necessity for complete disarmament.

WBAI, Apr. 19, 1982.
IZ0195.05 Civil defense : a march to oblivion? / by Barry Commoner ; produced by Joe Cuomo.

Exposes deficiencies of the Federal civil defense program.

WBAI, May 19, 1982.
IZ0195.06 What's it for : the military budget / by Barry Commoner ; produced by Joe Cuomo.

Proposes alternatives to military expenditures.

WBAI, June 16, 1982.
IZ0195.12 The Green Party in West Germany / by Barry Commoner ; produced by Joe Cuomo.

Discusses the anti-nuclear political party.

WBAI, Mar. 1982.
IZ0208 A Disarmament forum / produced by Samori Marksman.

Speeches by Ramsey Clark, Michio Kaku, Vladimir Shustov, Archie Singham, Fred Halliday, Gordon...

WBAI, Mar. 5, 1982.
IZ0247 Nuclear sermon / Coretta Scott King.

Coretta Scott King delivers a talk on the threat of nuclear war titled "Peace: An...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism WBAI, 20 June 1983.
IZ0248 Sermon on nuclear weapons / Kurt Vonnegut.

Talk on the threat of nuclear war.

WBAI, 23 May 1982.
IZ0269 Exploration : a journey into the far reaches of science, 4-6 / produced by Rosemarie Reed.

Exploration of modern technologies; their impact upon National policies, international relations...


pt.1. How real is Soviet cheating on arms control treaties -- pt.2. Star Wars : the ultimate...

Satellite, 8 Aug. 1986.
IZ1083 The Velvet Sledgehammer - August 11, 1982: Poetry reading at Plowshares III Coffeehouse

Poetry reading hosted by Nancy DuPlessis, held June 24th, 1982 at the Plowshare III Coffee House...

American Women -- Poetry, American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism WBAI, 11 Aug. 1982
IZ1385 Interview with filmmaker Joan Harvey

Rich Schrader speaks with Joan Harvey, producer and director of the film "American: from...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism, American Women -- Film and television WBAI, December 23, 1982
KZ0018 Disarmament / Herbert Scoville Jr.

On his views of and involvement in world-wide disarmament.

KPFK, 1976.
KZ0036 Brazil : an inside view / Dom Helder Camara ; recorded by Susan Anderson.

The Brazilian archibishop addresses the challenge of justice, criticizes the Brazilian military...

KPFK, Aug. 1, 1976.
KZ0507 International women's year conference / produced by Lisa Schlein.

"International Women's Year, Women on the move." A documentary about the...

American Women -- Feminism KPFK, Mar. 15, 1978.
KZ0818.04 Are we planning to fight and win a nuclear war / Admiral Gene LaRoque.

Director of the Center for Defense Information. Comments by Ernest Conine and Marvin Goldberger...

KPFK, Oct. 31-Nov. 13, 1979.
KZ1023 Together in the '80s / David Dellinger.

Speech on the cold war, disarmament, class struggle, and the new direction for the next decade...

KPFK, Apr. 20, 1981.
KZ1046 Nuclear disarmament in Europe / E.P. Thompson ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Historian explains why he undertook disarmament as his single issue.

KPFK, Apr. 20, 1981.
KZ1094 The Bomb, politics, and the gospel / I.F. Stone.

A speech by the journalist on disarmament, Reagan's oversimplified solutions, inequity in...

KPFK, Nov. 18, 1981.
KZ1095 Convocation on the threat of nuclear war.

Conference sponsored by the Concerned Faculty of UCLA with the California Institute of...


r.1. Introduction by California governor Jerry Brown (10 min.). -- r.2. Stanford historian...

KPFK, Nov. 24, 1981.
KZ1125 Admiral Rickover : a warning.

Admiral Hyman Rickover's testimony before the Joint Economic Committee of Congress just...

KPFK, 1982.
KZ1135 Study war no more : peace Sunday, 1982 / produced by Tony Cavin and Fernando Velazquez.

Documentary of the rally. Includes speeches and music by Ed Asner, Jesse Jackson, Stevie Wonder...

KPFK, June 7, 1982.
KZ1227 Hamilton Fish III / interviewed by Marc Cooper ; produced by Chuck Moore.

The publisher of The Nation discusses disarmament and politics in Europe.

KPFK, Feb. 11, 1983.
KZ1456 Another crowbar for peace / Katya Kommisaruk ; interviewed by Helene Rosenbluth.

Plowshare activist is interviewed on KPFK's Feminist Magazine about her attack upon Navstar...

KPFK, 9 Sept. 1987.
KZ1470 Randall Forsberg on broadening the anti-nuclear movement / produced by Pam Burton.

Speech at the Women's Actions for Nuclear Disarmament Conference. Founder of the Institute...

KPFK, 28 Mar. 1988.
KZ1493 Personal disarmament / Deena Metzger ; produced by Helene Rosenbluth.

Speech by poet and healer Deena Metzger at the Women's Solstice Summer Camp. She speaks...

KPFK, 16 Nov. 1988.
PZ0051 War games / produced by Pat Brett.

Documentary on the European anti-nuclear peace movement.

PZ0065 A Foreign policy address / by Alexander Haig.

Secretary of State delivers speech before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce annual meeting on...

PZ0066 Nuclear freeze press conference / with Randall Forsberg.

Bilateral nuclear arms limitation advocated by Bishop Joseph Francis, Union representative...

PZ0095 Ted Kennedy on nuclear freeze.

Speech by the senator on nuclear disarmament and military defense spending.

PZ0109 The Green Party of West Germany / Rudolf Bahro ; interviewed by Gary Daughers.

One of the Green Party's leaders discusses their major aims: peace, disarmament, ecology,...

18 Sept. 1983.
SZ0055 Impact of militarism on American society / Seymour Melman.

Speech at the New England regional conference in support of the continental walk for disarmament...

WFCR, 1976.
SZ0098 Speak up...act up...march up / produced by Chris Ballman and Bruce Teed.

Excerpts from the rally for disarmament with Randall Forsberg, Helen Caldicott, Winona LaDuke,...

SZ0392 The Quest for peace : the Iceland summit / Ralph Steiner.

Documentary on the 'mini-summit' between President Ronald Reagan and Premier Michael...

5 Nov. 1986.