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Bellow, Bonnie.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BC0940.01-.02 Talk with a New Bedford whaler / Reginald B. Hegarty ; interviewed by Bonnie Bellow and David Rapkin.

Hegarty discusses his childhood voyages on his father's whaling ship.

WBAI, 197-.
BC0977 Asbestos : the deadly mineral / produced by Nick Egleson and Bonnie Bellow.

Examination of the dangers of asbestos with Dr. Nicholson, Selikof, Tony Mazzocchi and...

WBAI, 1972.
BC1069 Household workers / produced by Nanette Rainone and Bonnie Bellow.

This report is on the recent and unprecedented organization of household workers, and includes...

American Women -- Work and unions WBAI, December 13, 1972.
BC1225 Dial 'O' for operator / produced by Bonnie Bellow and Nanette Rainone.

Examination of the New York Telephone worker. Includes interviews with Louella Smith, who filed...

American Women -- Work and unions, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination WBAI, 26 Oct. 1972.
BC1279 Prisoner : an interview with James Barrett / interviewed by Bonnie Bellow and Nick Egleson.

Barrett discusses prison life, the Christmas fast he organized among 500 other inmates in an...

WBAI, 8 Feb. 1973.
BC1649 Kilometer 101 : the Egypt-Israeli cease fire / reported by Bonnie Bellow.

Report on the attempted cease fire between Egypt and Israel.

WBAI, 11 Nov. 1973.
BC1653 A Palestinian family / produced by Bonnie Bellow.

Examination of the life and conditions of a typical Palestinian family in the Middle East.

WBAI, 1973.
BC1722 Women workers speak out! / produced by Bonnie Bellow and Brett Harvey.

Women workers discuss their working conditions and their feelings about their jobs, including...

WBAI, 28 Jan. 1974.
BC1777 The Soviet immigrant / Mark Perlach ; interviewed by Bonnie Bellow.

Discussion of the immigration of Soviet Jews to Israel.

KPFA, Oct. 1973.
BC2069.03 Work in early America / Herbert Gutman ; interviewed by Bonnie Bellow.

Labor historian discusses the ways in which work has changed since colonial days. Includes...

WBAI, 1975.
BC2069.11 Work in early America : servitude and slavery / Fred Cipiren ; interviewed by Bonnie Bellow and Eric Shtob.

Historians discuss work in early America, especially indentured servitude and slavery.

WBAI, 1975.
BC2147 Black lung / Gail Falk ; interviewed by Bonnie Bellow.

Examination of coal miners and their difficulties being eligible for legislated help with their...

WBAI, 197-.
BC2179 Organizing publishing / interviewed by Bonnie Bellow.

Marge Albert, Bernice Krawczk and Betty Borger discuss the drive to unionize the publishing...

WBAI, 197-.
BC2202 The Atomic threat / Theodore Taylor ; interviewed by Bonnie Bellow.

Discussion of the dangers of nuclear power.

WBAI, 1975.
BC2209 Doctor's strike / Barbara Otto and Jonathan Stolzenberg ; interviewed by Bonnie Bellow and Phil Matera.

Discussion of the recent doctor's strike in New York.

WBAI, 18 Mar. 1975.
BC2214 Can we afford occupational health? / produced by Bonnie Bellow.

Documentary on safety in the workplace. Participants include Anthony Mazzocchi and Joe Wagoner...

WBAI, 197-.
BC2243.04 American Association for the Advancement of Science / Chauncey Starr and other panel reports: hosted by Paul McIsaac.

Paul McIsaac hosts the third in a series of programs called "Science and the quality of...

American Women -- Science and scientists, American Women -- Health WBAI, 30 Jan. 1975.
BC2298 Minamata : an interview with W. Eugene Smith and Aileen Smith / interviewed and produced by Bonnie Bellow.

Author and photographer discuss their book on the poisoning of the people of Minamata, Japan, by...

WBAI, 197-.
BC2304 Why the working man hates the media / produced by Bonnie Bellow.

Paul Cowan, Tom Gish, Joe Klien, Susan Jacoby discuss what working people think of the media....

WBAI, 1975.
BC2305 Spain : the democratic coalition / produced by Bonnie Bellow and Larry Cox.

Discussion of U.S. involvement in Spain.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2629 Default : whose fault? / Bill Tabb ; produced by Bonnie Bellow.

Tabb discuss New York city's fiscal crisis and the possibility of default with Philip...

WBAI, July 1975.
BC2762 Vivian Gornick on Egypt / interviewed by Brett Harvey and Bonnie Bellow.

Author discusses her book In Search of Ali Machmoud.

WBAI, 12 Feb. 1974.
IZ0210 LABOR MARCHES ON WASHINGTON / hosted by Paul McIsaac.

Speeches, analysis, and actuality of the AFL-CIO organized "Jobs Now" labor march on...

April 25, 1975.
IZ1502 Marge Albert: Union organizer / Bonnie Bellow

Marge Albert worked as an office worker for twenty-five years. After organizing her own office,...

American Women -- Work and unions WBAI, February 24, 1974
CSVBellow, Bonnie.