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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
PZ0287.411 Democracy Now! September 16, 1997

Amnesty International and the UN; Black Legislative Caucus Weekend; Campaign Fundraising...


(14 Minutes) Amnesty International and the UN For the first time, Amnesty International made a...

September 16, 1997
PZ0342. 035 Iraq Update; Sister Helen Prejean Speech

(4 Minutes) Iraq Update An update from Baghdad on hunger and suffering among the Iraqi...

November 18, 1998
PZ0342.004 Democracy Now! October 6, 1998

Amnesty Report on US Human Rights Abuses


(50 Minutes) Amnesty Report on US Human Rights Torture, electoshock, and chain-gangs. Sadaam...

October 6, 1998
PZ0342.012 Democracy Now! October 16, 1998

Ramsey Clark on US War Crimes


(50 Minutes) Ramsey Clark on US War Crimes Ramsey Clark, the former US Attorney General blasts...

October 16, 1998
PZ0342.015 Democracy Now! October 21, 1998

Paul Wellstone Goes Back to the Basics; Pinochet-Interview with Attorney Juan Garces


(33 Minutes) Paul Wellstone Goes Back to the Basics As one of the last progressives in a...

October 21, 1998
PZ0342.040 Democracy Now! November 25, 1998

Pinochet Decision


Pinochet Decision -- Expected at 9:05 AM The British House of Lords handed down its decision on...

November 25, 1998
PZ0342.049 Democracy Now!

Teamsters and James Hoffa; Hurricane Carter and the Death Penalty; Clinton Impeachment


(18 Minutes) Teamsters and James Hoffa Forty-one years after his famous father was elected to...

PZ0388.253 Democracy Now! September 19, 2001

RAMSEY CLARK ON US WAR CRIMES [Replay of DN! October 16, 1998]


RAMSEY CLARK ON US WAR CRIMES [Replay of DN! October 16, 1998]

September 19, 2001
PZ0517.173 Democracy Now! May 29, 2003

Hour 1: No more Clear Channel! Stop the FCC Media Giveaway - Despite a national call for a delay...


8:00-8:01 Billboard 8:01-8:06 Headlines 8:06-8:07 One Minute Music Break 8:07-8:20 No more Clear...

May 29, 2003
PZ0517.173b Democracy Now! May 29, 2003

Part I of Democracy Now! s Special: Legendary Civil Rights Singers, Sweet Honey in the Rock. In...


9:00-9:01 Billboard 9:01-9:10 Headlines Amnesty International Condemns U.S. Policies Pursued in...

May 29, 2003