AIDS in focus : the weekly National Newsmagazine / produced by Mike Alcalay and the AIDS Radio Network.

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AIDS in focus : the weekly National Newsmagazine / produced by Mike Alcalay and the AIDS Radio Network.
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Weekly series which examines research, developments, and events involving the HIV virus, its transmission, and the AIDS epidemic.

pt.17. AIDS update / Matt Binder (3:55) ; AIDS in minority communities / Janet Mitchell (3:30) ; Straight freinds of an infected gay / Vicki Voss (3:56) -- pt.18. AIDS update / Matt Binder (3:22) ; The History of condoms : who makes the best? / Mike Alcalay (4:08) ; Sex can be both safe and fun / counselor Alane Freund ; interviewed by Leona Jacobs-White (4:10) -- pt.19. AIDS update / Matt Binder (3:31) ; Congressional hearings assault the Bush administration's AIDS campaign / Mark Bevis (3:24) ; AIDS fraud task force : battling AIDS quackery / Kate Concannon (5:17) -- pt.20. AIDS update / Matt Binder (2:28) ; A Coalition of 400 AIDS organizations march on Times Square (1:27) ; People of color in East Harlem organize an AIDS demonstration / Jenny Bourne (1:50) ; First person with AIDS to address a National Political Convention / Bob Hattoy, advisor to Bill Clinton (2:57) ; The Openly HIV-positive Pediatric AIDS Foundation head addresses the Democratic National Convention / Elizabeth Glaser (3:07).

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Satellite, 24 June-15 July 1992.
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1 reel (42 min.) : 7 1/2 ips., mono.
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1992.
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