This Way Out : The International Gay And Lesbian Radio Magazine, Program No. 692

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This Way Out : The International Gay And Lesbian Radio Magazine, Program No. 692
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THIS WAY OUT the international gay & lesbian radio magazine Program #692, distributed 07/02/01: (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle) Gay Muslims bring the mountain to Mohammed at a first-ever conference : Quizzing Queensland's Premier Peter Beattie on queer rights : Some activists say "Shame" is the name for Pride events these days, but the peak of Pride season also includes some valleys in Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe; homosexuality is kept in a corner at the UN Special AIDS Session, Taiwan prepares to recognize lesbian & gay families, and other global GLBT news Opening Teases/Theme Music/Intro Continuity 1:00 SEGMENT #1 – "NewsWrap": As "Pride season" peaks around the world, we briefly report on events held in New York City, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Zurich, Edinburgh, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Toronto, Calgary, and Sao Paulo, but vandalism and death threats mar a planned pride celebration by Gays & Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ); homosexuality becomes a contentious issue during the historic United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS, pitting many Western countries against Muslim nations and the Vatican over gay-specific inclusion, and muzzling a stronger global statement on ways to fight the pandemic; the 52 Egyptian gay men arrested in a police raid on a riverboat in May are formally charged with "practicing debauchery with men"; high-profile openly-gay Australian attorney John Marsden wins defamation damages against Seven Network Television, which had broadcast reports in the mid-1990s alleging that Marsden had paid for sex with underage boys; among the controversial recommendations in a 2-years-in-the-making report on sex education issued by U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher are calls for greater understanding towards gays and lesbians, statements that all reputable scientific data indicates that sexual orientation cannot be changed, and a strong condemnation of anti-gay violence; Taiwan's government announces a bill to extend adoption rights and legal recognition – short of marriage – to gay and lesbian couples; and openly-bisexual actress Angelina Jolie enjoys talking about the intriguing possibility that her "Lara Croft" character in the recently-released "Tomb Raider" movie may be a lesbian [written by CINDY FRIEDMAN, with thanks to GRAHAM UNDERHILL, JASON LIN, BRIANNUNES, CHRIS AMBIDGE, REX WOCKNER & GREG GORDON, and anchored by CINDY FRIEDMAN & BRIAN NUNES]. 10:30 SEGMENT #2 - A Pride addendum (begins over fading "NewsWrap" outro music): Celebrations are held on June 30th or July 1st in London, Mexico City, and Vienna, while Venezuelans hold their first-ever pride march in Caracas, but hundreds of ultra-nationalist thugs surround and beat gays and lesbians holding their first-ever pride event in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (written by LUCIA CHAPPELLE and reported by GREG GORDON) [1:20] + Billboard for S.F. "Gay Shame"/Dyke March and GLBT Muslims features [:15]. 1:35 SEGMENT #3 - Gay pride events have been increasingly criticized by some activists for becoming less political and seemingly more focused on parties, corporate sponsorships and "rainbow"-related sales than in commemorating the rebellious spirit of the GLBT rights movement that began at New York City's Stonewall Inn "police raid riot" in June, 1969. San Francisco's Mission District was the site of two events created as alternatives to that city's mainstream pride celebration: a "Gay Shame" event to protest the "commercialization of Pride", and the 9th annual traditional Dyke March. This report by LISA DETTMER [KPFA-FM/Berkeley] includes comments by San Francisco "Gay Shame" organizer MATT BERNSTEIN SYCAMORE (AKA "Mattilda"), Dyke March organizer LISA ROTH, and recently freed U.S. political prisoner LINDA EVANS [3:30] + "TWO" I.D. by openly gay writer/producer/director CLIVE BARKER [:35] 4:05 SEGMENT #4 - Billboard for Peter Beattie interview [:05] + Especially in Western countries, Islam is considered by many to be an extremely strict and virulently homophobic religion, but some GLBT Muslims are trying to reconcile their sexual and religious identities. That was the theme of a first-of-its-kind conference held to coincide with San Francisco's Pride weekend on June 23rd and 24th, organized by the AL-FATIHA FOUNDATION, which began as an online support group for GLBT Muslims in the late 1990's. In this report by LARRY ROBERTS [KPFA-FM/Berkeley], Al-Fatiha founder FAISAL ALAM and London chapter organizer "BETTY SHABAZZ" talk about the conference, why gay Christian leaders were invited to speak, attitudes towards homosexuality in various predominantly-Islamic countries around the world, and their hopes for the future [4:15] + "TWO" I.D. by pioneering openly gay singing/songwriting duo ROMANOVSKY & PHILLIPS (with an excerpt from their "Brave Boys") [:20] 4:40 SEGMENT #5 - PETER BEATTIE was returned to power in the Australian state of Queensland in February with one of the biggest electoral landslides in Australian political history. Beattie's Labor Party (considered to be left-of-center in the Australian political spectrum) previously held power as a minority government with the support of an independent member of parliament. Since Beattie won so decisively, activists have been hoping for further law reform for gays and lesbians in Queensland, but many complain that very little progress has occurred thus far. Local activist and radio presenter JOHN FRAME [4ZZZ-FM/Brisbane] caught up with Premier Beattie during the launch of the "Ideas At The Powerhouse" arts conference in Brisbane in mid-June. The discussion ranged from support for gay & lesbian inclusion in the arts to Beattie's views on The National Party and Pauline Hanson and the notoriously racist One Nation movement, prospects for progress in social and legal equity for gay men, lesbians and transgenders, the lack of queer inclusion in Queensland's recently-enacted anti-vilification (hate crimes) legislation, and the state's confusing "two-tiered" sexual age of consent laws Closing Continuity/Credits.

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July 2, 2001
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Los Angeles, Pacifica Radio Archive, 2001
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