From the Vault: Season 8 (2013)

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From the Vault: Season 8 (2013)
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Item: 4 GB Jump Drive / MP3 format audio files
Running time: 42 hours
This exclusive collection consists of the most recent episodes of Pacifica Radio Archives’ weekly national radio program From the Vault, which explores a wide range of American history through painstakingly restored audio recordings dating back to the dawn of community radio broadcasting in 1949.  Episodes include historic audio of Seamus Heaney, Martin Luther King, Jr., Stanley Kramer, Fred Astaire, Lillian Smith, Ella Baker, Nelson Mandela, Medgar Evers, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Andy Warhol, and many more.

Episodes include:
FTV347 Women Composers, Part 2 (1991) - Ellen Zwilich: Concerto grosso 1985, Marianna Martines: Sinfonia in C
FTV348 Free Music Store – Seals and Crofts (1971)
FTV349 Sound of Poetry – John Leonard (1962)
FTV350 Dear Brother Erika: Union Worker
FTV351 Malcolm X: Prospects for Freedom, Part 1 (1965)
FTV352 Malcolm X: Prospects for Freedom, Part 2 (1965)
FTV353 Negro History Week (1962) - Langston Hughes, Mary McLeod Bethune
FTV354 Redefining Black Power – State of the Union: Dr. Vincent Harding, Michelle Alexander, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Ramona Africa
FTV355 Sylvia Plath (1961, 1972)
FTV356 Celtic Troubadour: Derek Bell (1979)
FTV357 Second Battle of Selma (1965) - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and actuality of the march on Selma
FTV358 Women’s Wave: Women in Punk and New Wave (1983)
FTV359 Flight of the Eagle: United Farm Workers (1995)
FTV360 Cherrie Moraga (1983)
FTV361 Poet May Sarton, 1983
FTV362 Andy Warhol (1967)
FTV363 Bob Kaufman, Poet: The Life and Times of an Afican-American Man, Part 1
FTV364 Bob Kaufman, Poet: The Life and Times of an Afican-American Man, Part 2
FTV365 Savina Virgo: Earth Day 2013
FTV366 One Billion Seconds Later: The Social History of LSD (1974)
FTV367 Nuyorican Poetry
FTV368 Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis (1998)
FTV369 Albert Camus (1961)
FTV370 Medgar Evers Memorial (1963)
FTV371 Me and My Shadow (1989) - Examination government infiltration of progressive organizations
FTV372 Nelson Mandela
FTV373 A Salute to Ella Baker (1968)
FTV374 Lillian Smith (1964)
FTV375 Fred Astair (1968)
FTV376 Douglas Turner Ward’s Day of Absence (1963)
FTV377 Stanley Kramer Centennial
FTV378 Black August (1993) - George Jackson
FTV379 I Have a Dream (1968) - News documentary produced by Pacifica three days after MLK, Jr.’s assassination
FTV382 An Evening of Country Fiddling: The Free Music Store (1972)
FTV383 A Delicate Balance: Tribute to Jazz Legend Marian McPartland (1974)
FTV384 Nobel Poet Seamus Heaney (1983)
FTV385 Inquest at Christiana, Part 1 (1968) - Radio drama on the slave resistance of 1851 at Christiana, PA
FTV386 Inquest at Christaina, Part 2 (1968) - Radio drama on the slave resistance of 1851 at Christiana, PA
FTV387 Homage to Albert Einstein (1962)
FTV388 JFK Assassination: 50th Anniversary
FTV389 Che and Allen (radio drama) - Dramatization of Che Guevara and Allen Ginsberg meeting in an Irish pub
FTV391 Paul Newman and John Cassavetes (1970)

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42 hours
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RESTRICTED. Permissions, licensing requests, Curriculum Initiative, Campus Campaign and all other inquiries should be directed to: Mark Torres, Archives Director, 800-735-0230,
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