Nelson Mandela compilation

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Nelson Mandela compilation
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This compilation contains excerpts from these six recordings of and about South African President and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela:

An Interview with the Recently Released Nelson Mandela

National African Congress leader Nelson Mandela brings the world up to date on his views of politics and race relations in South Africa. Recorded by James Lorimer in Johannesberg, South Africa, 1990. (21 minutes, from PZ0154)

Nelson Mandela at the Oakland Coliseum

Harry Belafonte speaks briefly on his efforts to bring Nelson Mandela and the ANC delegation to the United States, then Ron Dellums then introduces Mandela, who was recently released from a South African prison. Recorded on June 30, 1990. (42 minutes, from PZ0163)

Nelson Mandela at the United Nations, 1990

Speech by Nelson Mandela before the United Nations Assembly. He speaks on racism as a denial of human rights, and how the United Nations must not relax sanctions on South Africa until it complies with all United Nations human rights declarations. Recorded on June 22, 1990. (27 minutes, from PZ0164)

Nelson Mandela: The Noblest Son of Africa

Documentary containing South African people talking about their experience with Nelson Mandela and with the fight against the apartheid system. Recorded in Africa in April, 1989. (120 minutes, from PZ0145a-d)

Desmond Tutu - The Miracle Dream Comes True: Nelson Mandela Is Elected In South Africa

Speech by Archbishop Desmond Tutu about the election of Nelson Mandela to the office of President in the first open elections in South Africa. He thanks people in the United States for their assistance in the struggle to end apartheid and white rule. Tutu then recounts some personal stories concerning the struggle for racial equality in his homeland touching on the Incata Freedom Party, the reality of voting, and the unopposed elections. Recorded at All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena on June 5th, 1994. (26 minutes, from KZ2080)

Nelson Mandela Inauguration

This recording of Nelson Mandela's 1994 inauguration as the first black president of South Africa includes pre-inauguration entertainment, the oath of office, poetry readings, and Mandela's inaugural address. (46 minutes, from PZ0243a-b)

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