Democracy Now! January 21, 1999

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Democracy Now! January 21, 1999
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Tabacco Lawsuits; Gun Lawsuits; President Clinton's Defense

(14 Minutes) Tobacco Lawsuits We look at how tobacco lawsuits were argued by states, and how they have become a blueprint for cities now suing gun manufacturers. GUEST: Richard Daynard, Prof. of law and chairperson of the Tobacco Products Liability Project, a public interest group that encourages lawsuits against tobacco companies as a public health strategy. (20 Minutes) Gun Lawsuits The strategies of lawsuits against tobacco companies are now being tested in the fight to make another industry liable for the costs it inflicts on society: the gun manufacturers. GUEST: David Kairys, prof. of law GUEST: Joe Tartaro, Pres. of 2nd Ammendment Foundation, a group that plans on suing cities that are suing manufacturers. GUEST: Tom Diaz, Senior policy analyst at the Violence Policy Center in Washington, DC. GUEST: Steve Young, Director of Communications of HELP for Survivors. (18 Minutes) President Clinton's Defense An update on the President's defense and a discussion with Gloria Allred who argues that one incident in the workplace can constitute sexual harassment. GUEST: Gloria Allred, a feminist L.A. Attorney specializing in sexual harassment cases. She filed a friend of the court brief in the Paula Jones case.

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January 21, 1999
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January 21, 1999
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WPFW; Maria Carrion, Amy Goodman; January 21, 1999
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