Democracy Now! January 20, 1999

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Democracy Now! January 20, 1999
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Clinton Defense; State of the Union Address and Social Security; State of the Union and Welfare

(14 minutes) Clinton Defense The White House went on the offensive yesterday on the first day of arguments at the president's impeachment trial, as President Clinton's lawyer, Charles Ruff, called the charges against him "a witch's brew" of conjecture that did not warrant his removal from office. Ruff poked holes in the prosecution's charges that Clinton had obstructed justice by arranging to obtain a job for Monica Lewinsky and have gifts he had made to her returned to his personal secretary. We first look at Ruff's defense strategy. GUEST: Stephen Gillers, Professor of Law at the New York University School of Law. (10 Minutes) State of the Union Address and Social Security Prominent in President Clinton's State of the Union Address was the fate of social security, and he announced his intention to invest some of the social security funds in the market. We now take a look at the privatization of social security with two people who are on opposite sides of the issue. GUEST: Doug Henwood, Editorr of the Left Business Observer and author of BOOK: WALL STREET. GUEST: Michael Tanner, Director of Health an dWelfare Studies at the Cato Institute. (18 Minutes) State of the Union and Welfare President Clinton gave a brief mention to welfare in his speech last night, as he announced that a record number of families had been taken off public aid. A look at the Welfare to work program and someone who has direct experience with Wisconsin's W2 program. GUEST: Gwendolynne Moore, Wisconsin State Senator (Dem.)

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January 20, 1999
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January 20, 1999
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WPFW; Maria Marrion, Amy Goodman; January 20, 1999
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