Democracy Now! November 30,1998

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Democracy Now! November 30,1998
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Iraq Update-Tariq Aziz; Depleted Uranium

(14 Minutes) Iraq Update - Interview with Tariq Aziz A reporter's journey through Iraq. As thousands of Iraqi children continue to die every month as a consequence of the UN embargo, a hounting look at Iraq's refugee camps, hospitals and streets, and his interviews with Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz and others. GUEST: Tariq Aziz, Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister. (19 Minutes) Iraq Interview with Sami Al-Araji on Depleted Uranium. Iraq will host this week a conference to focus attention on the enduring health and environmental disaster cauused by depleted uranuim munitions used by the US and Britain in the '91 Gulf War. GUEST: Dr. Sami Al-Araji, Iraqi engineer and key organizer of the conference. (17 Minutes) Iraq Continued richard Butler who heads UNSCOM, the United Nations Special Commission, was recently asked during a conference in Philadelphia abouth the health and environmental effects of depleted uranium. TAPE OF: Richard Butler trying to answer question on depleted uranium.

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November 30, 1998
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November 30,1998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; November 30,1998
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