Democracy Now : May 13 : Black Panthers-- Then And Now

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Democracy Now : May 13 : Black Panthers-- Then And Now
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Democracy Now : May 13 : Black Panthers-- Then And Now / Pacifica Foundation| produced by Julie Drizin and Amy Goodman| hosted by Amy Goodman. - A daily election year program which takes an in-depth look at the political landscape and interviews visionaries from all walks of life, including grassroots organizations, who challenge the status quo. - CONTENT: pt.1. Black Panthers-- then and now| guest Elaine Brown Black Pantherleader reflects on the killing of Fred Hampton by police in 1969| Excerpt from a recent speech by Bobby Seale, one of the founders of the Black Panthers| Seale asserts the Panthers were about revolutionary humanism and explains why they were threatening to those in power| Report from a recent conference in Oakland titled, " What happened to black youth in the absence of the Black Panther party?" (16:00) -- pt.2. Guest Jim McCloskey of the Geronimo Pratt Defense Team into the original trial against the former Black Panthers. (No time given.) -- pt.3. Interview with Panther Bill Brent, who in 1969 hijacked a TWA plane carring 180 passengers to Cuba.(6:21) - Satellite, May 13, 1996.

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May 13, 1996
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