Democracy Now! September 2, 1997

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Democracy Now! September 2, 1997
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Landmines; Music Business

(14 Minutes) Landmines Story on delegation in Oslo, Norway to begin talks on a treaty for a global ban on anti-personnel land mines. GUEST: Mary Wareham, coordinator of the US Campaign to Ban Landmines. GUEST: Noel Stott, from South African campaign to ban landmines. (38 Minutes) Music Business Discussion on the state of the music industry following waves of corporate consolidations. GUEST: Elena Oumano, freelance journalist and Jamaican music correspondent for Billboard magazine. GUEST: Armond White, author of BOOK: RESISTANCE; TEN YEARS OF POP CULTURE THAT SCHOOK THE WORLD. GUEST: Von Martin, broadcast journalist, WPFW producer.

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September 2, 1997
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September 2, 1997
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman, September 2, 1997
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