Democracy Now! July 30, 1997

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Democracy Now! July 30, 1997
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Campaign Finance Abuses; Colombia; Landmines

(14 Minutes) Campaign Finance Abuse Report on yesterday's Campaign Finance Hearings. TAPE OF: Hearings. FBI agent Jerry Campane, Dick Durbin (D-IL), Bob Smith (R-NH), Yue Chu and Xiping Wang. (19 Minutes) Colombia Right-wing paramilitary group forced a human rights commission, to leave a region of northwest Colombia under threat of death. Paramilitary and military repression is escalating in Colombia, whose military is considered the worst violator of human rights in the hemisphere. GUEST: Gloria Cuartas, mayor of Apartado in NW Colombia. GUEST: Mario Murillo, Public affairs director at Pacifica station WBAI. (17 Minutes) Landmines Following headline: Landmines Caused More U.S. Casualties in Viet Nam Than Any Other Weapon. Let's Not Let History Repeat Itself, Pentagon is lobbying against a landmine ban. GUEST: Steven Goose, project director of Human Rights Watch Arms Project, chair of steering committee of US Campaign to Ban Landmines. GUEST: (Ret) Lt. General Robert Gard, president of the Monterey Institute of Internationl Affairs.

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July 30, 1997
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July 30, 1997
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; July 30, 1997
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