May 6 Coalition rally / reported by Celeste Wesson and Lorne Cress-Love.

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May 6 Coalition rally / reported by Celeste Wesson and Lorne Cress-Love.
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Live coverage of the anti-nuclear rally attended by about 70,000 people.

r.l. Bella Abzug, John Goffman, Ruth Jordan, David Brower. -- r.2. Abzug, Goffman, John Sebastian, William Winpisinger, Helen Caldicott, Michael Harrington, Jane Fonda. -- r.3. John Lewis, Dan Fogelberg, Sam Lovejoy, Barry Commoner, Kurt Vonnegut, George Wald, Ralph Nadar. -- r.4. Fonda, Tom Hayden, John Hall, Jerry Brown, Grace Paley, Dick Gregory, Vonnegut, Jose Letelier, Graham Nash. -- r.5. Joni Mitchell, Abbie Hoffman, Ramon Rueda, Sarah Nelson, Rich Pollack, Jackson Browne. -- r.6. Lovejoy, Mark Tilson, Pam Libby.

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May 6, 1979, in Washington, DC.
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by Pacifica News Service.
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6 reels (348 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1979.
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