Michio Kaku : Anti War Speech At The Deadly Connection Conference

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Michio Kaku : Anti War Speech At The Deadly Connection Conference
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MICHIO KAKU: Anti-War speech given August 4, 1984 at the Deadly Connection Conference at Santa Monica High School, CA.|Michio Kaku, nuclear physicist and well-known peace activist,| begins with dedication to the 200,000 people who perished at Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a result of the atomic bombs. In 1983, WBAI organized a peace mission to Grenada and invited Kaku to have lunch and meet the leaders of the "new jewel movement", only a few weeks before Reagan's rescue mission. Kaku mentions that most of the people with whom he had lunch died during the "rescue mission." Kaku asserts that the purpose of nuclear weapons is intervention in the affairs of other nation, not deterrence. He asks what strategy should be and makes suggestions in terms of voting and political optimism. Recorded August 4, 1984. Produced by Pam Burton.

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August 4, 1984
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August ?, 1984
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34 min.
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KPFK, 1984
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