Women Against Pornography Conference (1979): Welcome and Speakout

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Women Against Pornography Conference (1979): Welcome and Speakout
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These four reels contain actuality from the Women Against Pornography Conference, which took place in New York City, September 15 & 16, 1979.  Tape one includes bits from Saturday's "Welcoming Remarks" including Dolores Alexander and Lynn Campbell, founders of Women Against Pornography (WAP, the audio is poor and choppy), and a "Speakout", coordinated by Lynne Shapiro, where letters that have been sent to the WAP are read, and speakers share their personal experiences with and feelings about pornography. Many of the letters were sent after WAP appeared on the Phil Donahue television program. Throughout the speakout, many women refer to the upcoming October 20, 1979 march on Times Square. Pacifica's recording from that event can be found here: IZ1354.  Next are outtakes from other speakers, and last are are excerpts from later in the "Speakout": Gloria Steinem speaks at 00:11:26--ends abruptly (complete speech in Tape Three), Robin Morgan speaks at 00:19:32 (complete speech in Tape Four)--ends abruptly, and Bella Abzug at 21:14 (large applause as she walks up, same talk in Tape Four) (29 min).

Tape two includes: the actuality of a slide show "Themes in Pornography" presented during the Welcoming Remarks on Saturday (breaks in in the middle); "Speakout" continued, reading of personal letters sent to WAP and unidentified speakers sharing personal experiences and feelings about pornography, and Katherine Brady, author of "Father's Days: A True Story of Incest."(49 min).

Tape three: "Speakout" continued--more personal stories about pornography. Unidentified speakers and the following women: Susan Brownmiller, co-founder of Women Against Pornography speaks briefly about WAP; author E.M. Broner; Gloria Steinem; and author Lois Gould, who reads a story about women visiting an adult books store.

Tape four: Lois Gould's story continued; author and activist Robin Morgan speaks; Florence Denmark of the President-elect of the American Psychological Association; Bella Abzug (same speech as Part one); break for lunch and slideshow? (barely audible). Previously cataloged as IZ1492E.

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September 15-16 1979 in Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in New York City
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WBAI, ca. September 1979
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4 reels (167 mins)
Los Angeles: Pacifica Radio Archive, 1979
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This recording has been digitally preserved as part of Pacifica's American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 grant preservation project, and is available for research and reference . Please contact the archives via telephone: 818-506-1077 or email:  americanwomen at pacificaradioarchives dot org for information on how to obtain a copy of this program. Thank you.

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