Kathleen Cleaver interviewed by Rob Crocker

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Kathleen Cleaver interviewed by Rob Crocker
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Rob Crocker, WBAI, interviews Kathleen Cleaver, wife of Eldridge Cleaver, and today representing the International Section of the Black Panther party, after her arrival back to the U.S. [from Algeria?]. Tape cuts in on Kathleen speaking about the BPP movement outside the U.S. and now plans to widen their struggle inside the U.S., including a speaking tour. Contradictions in the BPP "have been resolved" and now need to focus on three areas of need: political prisoners (BP's in prison and trial); military (Black Vietnam vets); convicts (black victims in prison). She calls for "revolutionary" movement among blacks for "liberation for Afro-American people"; speaks of "chaos" in the U.S. BPP due to transition from Civil Rights movement (issues) to Revolutionary Struggle (goals) as the U.S. moves from working class to fascist imperial power (gives Attica Prison Rebellion as example). Kathleen says reason BP members involved in holdups is due to their need for support. She sees struggle in terms of rich vs. poor class going on mainly underground. Need is to mobilize the people against the power structure "the pigs". Kathleen, at prompting of Crocker, mentions harassment by FBI upon arrival at the airport in U.S. 53:00 takes phone calls. Concern is what will happen to the struggle after Vietnam War ends and with U.S., China partnering going on under Nixon. Cleaver attacks Nixon as the "biggest oppressor". She focuses on needs of "the people" as basis for the struggle. Problem is the capitalistic system has been developed into the extreme Imperialist, fascist system that is leading to "civil war". BPP supports the Weatherman movement she tells one caller. She tells another about the concern for political prisoners like the "L.A. 13" and Geronimo [Pratt] trial, Landon and Rory trial, mentions others. She also talks of the "Caro" town situation (Blacks vs. whites shooting it out).

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ca. October 17, 1971
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WBAI, October 17, 1971
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archives, 1971
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