The out (Episode 5 of 5, part 2 of 2)

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The out (Episode 5 of 5, part 2 of 2)
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This is the conclusion of the fifth and final installment in the five-part documentary series about the ghettos and race relations in Los Angeles. This recording begins with a job placement staffer talking about how he helps all of his applicants of various ethnic backgrounds get better jobs and opportunities they didn't know they could access, and the diversity of applicants who come to his office for assistance. A man discusses how the social limitations of the ghetto affect education and the ability to buy a house outside of the ghetto. Another man explains how Muslims' religious beliefs keep them from the use of drugs and alcohol and how the Muslim religion produces a sense of self pride. Two librarians talk about their library clientele and their information needs and desires. A county civil service employee discusses the extra barriers Blacks face that Whites don't in procuring a good job.

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KPFK, 1964-11-02
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1 reel (ca 29 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archives, 1964
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