You must go home again: 1965 / produced by Marcia Tompkins (Series record)

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You must go home again: 1965 / produced by Marcia Tompkins (Series record)
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Series record for Marcia Tompkins' 1965 series originally named "You must go home again or be it ever so humble there's no place like Tuscaloosa". For this series, Tompkins returned to her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama's in July, 1964 to examine the lifestyles, popular viewpoints, social conditions, and the prospects for change from the youth. In part two she bravely and clandestinely recorded a Ku Klux Klan meeting in Tuscaloosa. The five parts are as follows: pt.1. Some voices of the town (31 min.) -- pt.2. The klan (2 reels : 44 min.) -- pt. 3. The demonstrations (35 min.) -- pt.4. The older white community (36 min.) -- pt.5. The young people (2 reels: 44 min.)

These tapes were lightly edited and re-broadcast in August 1970 (according to folio). She added a preface to Part 1 explaining why the tapes hadn't been rebroadcast over the last five years (1965-1970). She left WBAI in 1965 because of issues at the station and took the tapes, all except Part 2 of the KKK meeting with her (Archive #BB0685 see here). She says her reasons were because of her dissatisfaction with the station, and because they were subpoenaed by the House on Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Most importantly, however, was that the recordings very much upset her family in Tuscaloosa. Now that the family has "survived," she wanted to re-broadcast the recordings for comparison with her new series (upcoming in September 1970, according to folio) entitled "You must go home: 1970." (Archive #BC2793 see here)

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in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in July 1964
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WBAI, March 1965 and August 1970.
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11 reels (ca. 396 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1971.
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