Black and white at Berkeley High / moderated by Al Silbowitz.

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Black and white at Berkeley High / moderated by Al Silbowitz.
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Al Silbowitz moderates a discussion between four students from Berkeley High School, two seniors and two juniors. They discuss the generation gap between parents and children regarding drug use and sex and the use of marijuana among students. The students talk about the police's disproportionate arrest and punishment of black youth versus white youth for minor offenses. Berkeley High's full integration plan is discussed, as well as teachers' involvement (or lack thereof) with the students. They talk about the relationship between black and white students at Berkeley High, including drug use, interracial relationships, representation in student government and opposition to the draft. One of the students reads his poem, "Star of Children."Contains sensitive language. Audio is distorted ~00:49:37-00:50:40.

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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1969.
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