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An Introduction to Peking opera / produced by Han Kuo-Huang.

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An Introduction to Peking opera / produced by Han Kuo-Huang.
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This introduction to Peking opera describes the history of the opera, its instrumentation and orchestration, its costuming and facial paintings, the types of characters, the styles of recitation, the solo singing, and the differences in the types of Peking opera. Han Kuo-Huang, a professor of music history and ethnomusicology at Northern Illinois University, also describes the changes that are happening now to opera in China. The program contains many examples and demonstrations of the various styles of Peking opera and its musical components. Contains excerpts from "The flight of the phoenix" and "The red lantern."<br><br>Recording cuts off abruptly at end.

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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1977.
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