90-hour 4gb USB + Holiday Music + Holiday Stories + Watts 50th Annv Concert DVD + Patti Smith-Democracy Now

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90-hour 4gb USB + Holiday Music + Holiday Stories + Watts 50th Annv Concert DVD + Patti Smith-Democracy Now
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90-hour 4gb USB Drive:

FROM THE VAULT 2014-2015, 45 New Episodes

FTV446 Rally to Free Huey P. Newton, 1968

FTV448 Julio's Holiday: Dreidels and Donuts

FTV449 Forty Cents a Ton: Coal Mining in Hazard County, Kentucky

FTV450 The New York Kantorei - Free Music Store, 1972

FTV451 Across the Western Ocean - Free Music Store, 1972

FTV452 Fanny - The All Female Rock 'n' Roll Band

FTV454 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in London, 1964

FTV455 Reies Lopez Tijerina - Land Rights Crusader

FTV457 The Collected Speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer

FTV458 Filmmakers Sir David Lean, CBE and Richard Bolt at the San Francisco Film Festival, 1970

FTV459 Angela Davis - A Lifetime of Revolution

FTV460 Judy Chicago and Buffy Sainte-Marie

FTV461: Flora Molton and Bessie Jones - Blues, Spirituals and Gospels

FTV462: Bonnie Morris: Women's Music Archive Mix

FTV463 Ethel L. Payne - First Lady of the Black Press

FTV464 Holly Near

FTV465 Stan Freberg, Satire Legend

FTV466 Eduardo Galeano - A Poet of Many Worlds

FTV467 Chilean Folk Legend Violeta Parra Presented by Carlos Hagen, 1973

FTV469 The Poetry of Alta

FTV470 Harriet Tubman - Great Women Series

FTV471 Robert Frost Reads His Own Poetry

FTV472 Walk to Freedom (1961-Albany, GA)

FTV473 Twelve Years of Lesbian Activism, Part 1 of 2

FTV474 Twelve Years of Lesbian Activism, Part 2 of 2

FTV475 Jean Ritchie - An American Treasure

FTV476 Gay Pride Month - Diminished Capacity

FTV477 Watts Rebellion 50th Anniversary - The Fire This Time

FTV478 A Picture of Oscar Wilde, Part 1 of 2

FTV479: A Picture of Oscar Wilde, Part 2 of 2

FTV480 Townes Van Zandt - A Houston Songwriting Legend

FTV481 Dustin Hoffman, 1971

FTV483 Watts Rebellion 50th Anniversary Concert and Mixtape

FTV484 The Population Bomb

FTV485 Joseph Jackson, Jr. and the Tougaloo Nine

FTV486 Legendary Music Producer Eddie Kramer

FTV486 Live Poetry Slam Special

FTV487 Women's Studies Professor Bonnie Morris

FTV489 Dorothy Day

FTV490 Feminist Author and Artist Kate Millett

FTV491 The Assassination of Alex Odeh

FTV492 Jimi Hendrix, Part 1 of 4

FTV493 Jimi Hendrix, Part 2 of 4

FTV494 Jimi Hendrix, Part 4 of 4

FTV495 Jimi Hendrix, Part 4 of 4

FTV496 Edith Piaf Memorial Tribute

Lenny Bruce: A Profile

An Interview with George Carlin

 Richard Pryor on Attica

 The Search - Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner

A Tribute to Molly Ivins

Giants of Comedy Special - Richard Pryor, Groucho Marx, George Carlin, Paul Krassner, Lily Tomlin, Kate Clinton, Molly Ivins, Quentin Crisp, Jessica Mitlford, and Studs Terkel

George Carlin on Radio Nation with Marc Cooper

Comedy Special - Groucho Marx, Carl Reiner, Pat Paulson, Steve Allen, Cecil Smith, Robert Young, Monty Python Interview

Survival Sunday II featuring Robin Williams

The David Friedman Show featuring Robin Williams

James Baldwin: The Artist's Struggle for Integrity

2009 Gay Wedding Broadcast hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar

Studs Terkel: The Spoken Century - interviews with Mahalia Jackson, Arthur Miller, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Studs Terkel interviews Dorothy Parker, Zero Mostel, Leonard Bernstein, Daniel Ellsberg and Ralph Ellison

Studs Terkel interviewed in 2005

Phil Ochs interviewed by Studs Terkel

Joseph Campbell interviewed by Studs Terkel.

 Joy Street:  Studs Terkel interviews Chicago teens of different races.

Simone de Bouvier interviewed by Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel in Conversation with Tim Robins, 1999

Studs Terkel visits Pacifica Radio Archives in 2003

Kurt Vonnegut at NYU

James Baldwin

We Shall Overcome

Freedom Now!

Remembering Cesar Chavez

Feminist Journey

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Forty Years of Ossie Davis

The Power of African American Women

Wanda Coleman interviewed by Opal Palmer Adisi

The 1971 New York Radical Feminists' Rape Speak-Out

 I know it's your day off, dear, but... / produced by Marsha Bartlett

Martin Luther King, Jr.: On The Power Of Peaceful Persuasion (June 24, 1957)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Future of Integration (June, 1961)
Martin Luther King, Jr.: We Want to be Free (Freedom Rally, May 26, 1963)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Dimensions of a Complete Life (January, 1962)

Martin Luther King, Jr.:  America's Chief Moral Dilemma (UC Berkeley, May 17, 1967)

Martin Luther King, Jr.:  But If Not (Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, November, 1967)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Men and Women In the Arts Concerned with Vietnam (March 16, 1968)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Casualties of the War in Vietnam (February, 1967)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Civil Rights Movement and its Goals for the Future (April, 1967)

Martin Luther King Memorial in Central Park (April 5, 1968)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in London (December 7, 1964)

Pacifica Radio Archives' Music for the Holidays: The following artists donated their work for a brand-new, exclusive holiday music compilation available only from Pacifica Radio Archives:

Jackson Brown - Rebel Jesus (jacksonbrowne.com)

Perla Batalla - We Three Kings (perla.com)

Louise Goffin - New Year's Day (louisegoffin.com)

Holly Near - O Holy Night (hollynear.com)

Gaby Moreno - December (gaby-moreno.com)

David Garza - Carol of the Bells (davidgarza.com)

Quetzal - Cozamalotl Holiday "Rainbow Holiday" (quetzanimales.com)

Raul Pacheco / Gabriel Tenorio - I Don't Give a Damn About Christmas (thegcs.co)

Nancy Sanchez - Christmas Lights (nancysanchezmusic.com)

El Vez - Christmas Wish (elvez.net)

Leftover Cuties - White Christmas (leftovercuties.com)

Holiday Stories by Julio 10-hour MP3 Collection: A collection of radio holiday stories from KPFK Arts in Review host Julio Martinez and the Arts in Review Repertory Theatre:

A Child Christmas in Wales - Al Alou (Welsh Poet - Dylan Thomas)

Gift of the Magi ( a take on the classic O' Henry story)

All Is Calm All is Bright: The History of Silent Night Nutcracker's Journey

And to All a Good Night: The Story of Santa Clause

Keeping Christmas Well: Dickens Journey to a Christmas Carol

The Christmas Eve Truce

Dreidel and Doughnuts

The Story of White Christmas

Watts Rebellion 50th Anniversary  Concert DVD: Pacifica Radio Archives and From the Vault Radio have joined forces with the Grand Performances Summber Concert Series in Los Angeles to present a 50th Anniversary remembrance of the 1965 Watts Rebellion, in which social unrest over unemployment and police discrimination gripped this Southern California neighborhood for seven days, causing 34 deaths and tens of millions of dollars in property damage.

Appearing on stage:

-Michael Alexander - Executive Director, Grand  Performances                               

-Margaret Prescod - Pacifica Radio KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles based morning show host of Sojourner Truth                                                                                     

-Anthony Marshall, co-founder, Lyricist Lounge                                                 

-Margaret Prescod                                                                                              

-Food4Thot -People revolt for 5 reasons: poor schools, poor housing, police brutality, lack of healthcare, and lack of jobs                                                                               

-ILL CamiLLe - Los Angeles bases artist                                                                      

-Beverly White - NBC general assignment reporter                                                    

-Jimetta Rose - Los Angeles based artist whose father owned a barbershop in Watts

-Dave Lopez - CBS general assignment reporter                                                        

-Double G - Red bucket

-Dead Prez  - M-1 & Sticman perform a set

-Watts Prophets - Brother Made Hamilton &  Otis O'Solomon  (Richard Dedeaux died in December 2013)

-Dead Prez - encore: "I'm A African" & "It's Bigger than Hip Hop"


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