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Anaïs Nin Collection - MP3 Disc
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MP3 Disc / 9 hrs 4 min

Anais Nin at the University of California Berkeley, 1971

Writer and diarist Anais Ninanswers questions from audience members at UC Berkeley, touching on topics such as art, liberation, her diaries and other writings, acceptance from the establishment, and feminism.  (from AZ1220, 30 minutes)

Interview with Anais Nin / interviewed by Clare Spark, 1971

Anais Nindiscusses the women's liberation movement in the first half of this recording, and Clare Spark reads an article by Harold Rosenberg from the New Yorker in the second half.  (from BB5229, 62 minutes)

The Female Angst: Anais Nin, Joan Didion, Dory Previn, 1972

Acclaimed writers Anais Nin, Joan Didion, and Dory Previn are interviewed by Sally Davis, providing insight on the nature of their personalities.  (from BC0611a-b, 103 minutes)

An Evening with Anais Nin / interviewed by Judy Chicago, 1971

Anais Ninreads from and discusses her book Fourth Diary, and speaks on women's liberation and her struggle to become an accepted author.  (from BC0619a-b, 94 minutes)

Anais Nin / interviewed by Clare Spark, 1970

Anais Nindiscusses her life and work with KPFK's Clare Spark on the radio series "The Sour Apple Tree."  (from BB5233a-b, 94 minutes)

House of Incest / Anais Nin, 1963

Anais Ninreads her prose poem "House of Incest."  (from BC0889, 63 minutes)

An Interview with Anais Nin: interviewed by Milton Hoffman, 1970s

Anais Nindiscusses her life and work. (from BC0919, 24 minutes)

The New Woman / Anais Nin, 1974

Anais Nin gives a talk on the feminist movement, and its impact of women's social condition as part of the KPFK series Rampart Reports.  (from BC1758.11, 30 minutes)

BB1923 Anais Nin Reads from "The Diariy of Anais Nin", 1966

Anais Ninreads excerpts from her memoirs "The Diary of Anais Nin," which she began writing at the age of eleven and continued to write until her death.  (from BB1923, 60 minutes)

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