Campus Campaign: From the vault to the classroom! (Volume One)

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Campus Campaign: From the vault to the classroom! (Volume One)
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The collection is an exploration of nine subjects within the Campus Campaign Series:  Civil Rights, U.S. History, Arts & Literature, The Year 1968, Women's Studies, The Environment, Malcolm X, Noam Chomsky, and Studs Terkel; over 90 hours of selected material by Pacifica Radio Archives collaborators and advisors, presented in mp3 format. You will receive one USB memory stick loaded with the complete collection, and the school or library of your choice will receive nine mp3-formatted CDs loaded with the same 90 hours of recordings. *After your order is completed, we will send you a follow up email for the name of the school/library of your choice.*

Civil Rights: James Baldwin; We Shall Overcome (civil rights documentary); Freedom Now! (civil rights documentary); Remembering Cesar Chavez; A Feminist Journey; Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.; Forty Years of Ossie Davis; The Power of African American Women

United States History: An American Soldier; George Carlin, Pacifica, and the F.C.C.; The Free Speech Movement; Rachel Carson and Silent Spring; Meet Ralph Nader; Gore Vidal; Upton Sinclair: Changing America; Betty Friedan

Arts and Literature: Allen Ginsberg's Howl; film critic Pauline Kael; Henry Miller; Jim Morrison, Poet; The Coltrane Legacy; Women in Film; Kurt Vonnegut; Woody Guthrie: Better World a Comin'; French Filmmaker Jean Renoir; Hitchcock and Hollywood

1968 aEU" 40th Anniversary: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 1968; The 1968 Columbia University Student Strike; The Paris Student Uprising; The Poor People's Campaign; The Mexican American Experience; Robert F. Kennedy; A Night in Chicago: 1968 DNC; 1968 Year in Review Documentary

WomenaEU(tm)s Studies: Margaret Mead aEU"Anthropologist; Emma Goldman; June Jordan; Helen Caldicott; Women's Poetry and Prose; Molly Ivins; Dolores Huerta; Women of the World; Miriam Makeba Tribute; Bella Abzug

Environment: Global Meltdown; Hiroshima; Rachel Carson; No Nukes Reunion; Spinning Disaster; Helen Caldicott; Linus Pauling; Edward Teller

The Malcolm X Collection: The Ballot or the Bullet (Detroit, 1964); Black Muslims vs. The Sit-ins (Malcolm X and James Baldwin, 1961); Prospects for Freedom (Militant Labor Forum, 1965); Friends and Enemies, (February, 1965); Speech on the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (Atlantic City, 1964); John Henrik Clarke on Malcolm X

Noam Chomsky Celebration: The Crisis in Iraq: Understanding U.S. Motives Behind Sanctions and Confrontation (Boston, 1999); Speech on US. Foreign Policy and Its Effects (1998); The Media and the New World Disorder (1993); The New World Order (1991); Veteran's Day with Noam Chomsky (1991); The Media as Propaganda (Santa Barbara, 1988); Town Hall Against the Draft / Noam Chomsky and Robert Bly (New York City, 1968); Noam Chomsky on the Middle East (1975); The Drift Toward Global War (Minneapolis, 1985)

Studs Terkel: The Spoken Century: Studs Terkel: The Spoken Century aEU" a documenatry; Dorothy Parker, Zero Mostel, Leonard Bernstein, Daniel Ellsberg and Ralph Ellison interviewed by Studs Terkel; Phil Ochs interviewed by Studs Terkel; Joseph Campbell interviewed by Studs Terkel; Simone de Beauvoir interviewed by Studs Terkel; Studs in Conversation with Tim Robbins, 1999; Studs visits Pacifica Radio Archives in 2003

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Los Angeles, CA: Pacifica Radio Archives
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