Crack Cocaine in America

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At the Congressional Black Legislative Caucus, Congresswoman Maxine Waters outlines the issue of the CIA/crack cocaine connections. September 12, 1996. (6:37)

Jesse Jackson relates the facts of the crack cocaine/CIA connections. (15:36)

Gary Webb speaks at a community meeting in Los Angeles about his investigation, as reported in the San Jose Mercury newspaper series. (24:26)

Dr. Joseph Lowery of Southern Christian Leadership Conference, at press conference in D.C. on September 23, 1996, speaks about putting pressure on government for an investigation. (27:45)

Dick Gregory addresses the need to demand answers. (33:42)

Joe Madison, TV talk show host, describes effects of drugs on blacks. (37:00)

Former DEA agent Celerino Castillo testifies about his knowledge of CIA-supported drug trafficking out of Central America into U.S.

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