James Wong Howe at the 1974 San Francisco Film Festival

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James Wong Howe at the 1974 San Francisco Film Festival
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Actuality of Chinese-American cinematographer James Wong Howe talking about his career in Hollywood and taking questions from the audience at the 1974 San Francisco Film Festival following a screening of "Funny Lady". Howe tells the audience anecdotes including how he became a camera man, his famous photograph of Mary Miles Minter in which her blue eyes were dark for the first time using orthochromatic film, how he filmed a scene in which a bird lands on Spencer Tracy's hand in "The Old Man and the Sea", and how he lit Barbara Streisand's musical numbers in <i>Funny Lady</i>. In the Q&A, Howe also talks about his rocky relationship with John Frankenheimer, his reputation as a "slow" cameraman, his love of black-and-white photography, and the influence of Russian silent directors on his work, among other topics.

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San Francisco, CA
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