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THIS WAY OUT the international gay & lesbian radio magazine Program #710: (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle) Program I.D. #02-F72-00045 Inside "Courting Justice: Gay Men & Lesbians vs. the [US] Supreme Court"; Malaysia's P.M. vows to expel any visiting British gay Cabinet Ministers;Canadian House holds unCommon(s) debate on marriage rights, gay Washington widower wins state Supreme inheritance ruling, U.S. Methodist court cracks down on queer clergy, a gay-inclusive hate crimes bill advances in Uruguay, more arrests of gay men in Egypt are reported, and other global GLBT news RUNDOWN Opening Teases/Theme Music/Intro Continuity 1:15 SEGMENT #1 NewsWrap: Canada's House of Commons holds its first-ever debate on equal civil marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, while the conservative provincial government of Alberta asks a court for a 6-month delay in implementing a ruling allowing gay and lesbian domestic partners to inherit in the absence of a will, while -- despite the absence of a will -- the Washington state Supreme Court issues a landmark ruling affirming a gay man's standing to inherit from his deceased longtime domestic partner; the highest court of the U.S. United Methodist Church rules that openly non-celibate lesbian and gay clergy can be removed from their ministries; Republican former U.S. President Gerald Ford, in an interview with syndicated lesbian columnist Deb Price, says he strongly supports the federal government treating same-gender couples the same way it does married heterosexual couples; there are growing hints that Britain's Labour government is thinking about supporting some form of legal recognition for same-gender couples; Uruguay's Chamber of Deputies unanimously approves a queer-inclusive hate crimes bill; according to, "dozens" of gay men have been arrested in a Cairo suburb and near the Pyramids; most people with HIV around the globe have no civil rights protections, according to a survey of World Health Organization member nations, while China's latest official report on AIDS finally acknowledges the problem of HIV transmission among gay men; despite the events of September 11th, Hallowe'en remains one of the gayest of U.S. holidays, with hundreds of thousands attending traditional events in New York City, and in West Hollywood and San Francisco, California; and, two lawbreakers in Coshocton County, Ohio don drag to avoid jail time [written by CINDY FRIEDMAN, with thanks to GRAHAM UNDERHILL, JASON LIN, BRIAN NUNES, CHRIS AMBIDGE, REX WOCKNER, LUCIA CHAPPELLE & GREG GORDON, and anchored by CINDY FRIEDMAN and JON BEAUPRE] 10:00 SEGMENT #2 "Courting Justice" billboard [:10] + When MALAYSIA'S PRIME MINISTER MAHATHIR MOHAMMED proclaimed this week during a BBC interview that he would expel any gay government minister Britain sent to his country, it provided a stunning reminder that the U.S.-led alliance against terrorism is built on relationships that are shaky at best. This report by This Way Out's LUCIA CHAPPELLE includes brief excerpts from Mahathir's comments, and reaction by Britain's leading gay international human rights activist PETER TATCHELL [3:45] 3:55 SEGMENT #3 - "TWO" I.D. by ELLEN DeGENERES [:10] + The Supreme Court of the United States is a complex institution, and it's had a complex relationship with the lesbian and gay community over the years. A remarkable book entitled "COURTING JUSTICE: GAY MEN AND LESBIANS VERSUS THE SUPREME COURT" (Basic Books) explores that relationship in depth. Journalists JOYCE MURDOCH & DEB PRICE, partners in life and in authorship, brought years of experience to the project: Murdoch has worked as an editor for both the "Washington Post" and the "National Journal", and Price is the first lesbian to have a nationally syndicated newspaper column. They tell This Way Out's CHRIS ALLEN what their exhaustive research revealed about one of the most secretive of U.S. government institutions -- and some of the fascinating personalities involved [11:55] 12:05

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November 5, 2001
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29 min.
Los Angeles, Pacifica Radio Archive, 2001
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