Exploration With Dr. Michio Kaku July 6, 1999

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Exploration With Dr. Michio Kaku July 6, 1999
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EXPLORATION WITH DR. MICHIO KAKU|[Believed to be recording for week of July 6, 1999]. CONTENT: Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City University in New York discusses Cassini Mission of Jupiter and expected fly-by August 17, 1999 of earth ; Chicago Historical Society meeting disussion about testing of Abraham Lincoln's blood (on Mrs. Lincoln's cloak) for DNA showing marfan syndrome ; quantum computers (atom based) for future since silicon chips will have reached their 5 atom tolerance limits around 2015 A.D. (end of Moore's Law). SPECIAL GUEST: DR. VICTOR S. JOHNSTON, professor of psychobiology (social biology) at New Mexico State U. and author of book: "Why we feel: the science of human emotion" [Perseus Books, 1999] about possible genetic basis of human emotions. Second half of program, listener phone calls answered. Program missing first eight minites of headlines of science news.|discussion Princeton University on the achivements of Carl Sagan

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July 6, 1999
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July 6, 1999
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