Women, Population and the Global Crisis

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Women, Population and the Global Crisis
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Women, Population and the Global Crisis GUEST: Prof. Asoka Bandarage, author of BOOK: WOMEN, POPULATION AND GLOBAL CRISIS: A POLITICAL-ECONOMIC ANALYSIS speaks of the need to consider the role of the global economic and political systems in perpetuating vast iniquities in the distribution of resources along the lines of gender, race, class, and nationality. Too many analyses of over-population focus on the reporductive patterns of third world women, to the exclusion of statistics that demonstrate that it is people in "first world" countries who are consuming a disproportionate mass of the earth's resources and creating a disproportionate amount of the pollution. She recommends thinking about "others" --people, nations, cultures--eithin a "partnership paradigm," in contrast to the current "dominator paradigm," as the first step in eliminating ecoligical as well as social and economic imbalance and injustice.

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September 21, 1998
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September 21, 1998
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WPFW; Larry Bensky; September 21, 1998
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