Democracy Now! September 3, 1998

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Democracy Now! September 3, 1998
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Rwanda; Non Aligned Movement; Elly Gross; Economy

(2 Minutes) Rwanda The UN tribunal on Rwanda has found its first defendent guilty of genocide for his participation the '94 massacre of ethnic Tutsis. In an unprecedented action, the judgement found the accused, Jean Paul Akayesu, guilty of crimes against humanity with specific reference to rape. GUEST: Jennie Greene, attny. at the center for constitutional rights. She filed the brief that included rape. (14 Minutes) Non Aligned Movement 113 nations are meeting in S. Africa for teh 12th annual summit of the non-aligned movement. Members coalesced during the cold war. many of those countries have been left out of the global economy, which is dominated by Wester powers and other countries in the far east. South African President Nelson Mandela assumed the chairmanship this week and announced the redefining of its mission in the next three years. GUEST: Johnny Moloto, radio analyst on international affairs for the South African Broadcasting Corp. GUEST: Amy Goodman (19 Minutes) Elly Gross Holocaust survivor who worked as a slave for teh German automaker volkswagen. This week Mrs. Gross was a part of a class action lawsuit filed against Volkswagen. The suit is demanding compensation for the work. other German automakers such as Daimler Benz, BMW and Audi have also benn sued for using slave labor and collaborating with the Nazis. GUEST: Elly Gross, holocaust camp survivor. (17 Minutes) Economy We keep hearing about the global meltdown as stock prices fall in markets around the world. Focus on an old but important pont about global capitalism. GUEST: Maria Mies, author of BOOK: PATRIARCHY AND ACCUMULATION ON A WORLD SCALE.

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September 3, 1998
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September 3, 1998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; September 3, 1998
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