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Democracy Now!
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Impeachment; Iraq; Depleted Uranium

(23 Minutes) Impeachment As the debate over the trial of President Clinton shifted yesterday from the House of Representatives to the Senate, it was once again dominated by deep partisan divisions between Republicans, who say that the Senate is obliged to proceed with the trial, and Democrats, who insist on reaching a quick agreement on censure. Former presidents and one-time political opponents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford also added their voices to the censure vote, proposing in today's NY Times a bipartisan censure resolution which would be voted by the Senate and accepted by Clinton. Discussion on the surprise announcement by its speaker-elect Bob Livingston that he was resigning from the post. Livingston's successor is thought to be Rep. Dennis Hastert of Illinois. GUEST: Damon Chapey, Reporter for Roll Call. GUEST: Maura Kealey, Legislative representative for Public Citizen, a watchdog of the health industry. TAPE OF: Interviews with House Members. (10 Minutes) Iraq As the campaign of US-British air strikes against Iraq came to a halt on Saturday just hours after the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Clinton, the question on many minds was: what exactly was accomplished? GUEST: Bill Hartung, from the World Policy Institute. (17 Minutes) Depleted Uranium Jeremy Scahill went to Iraq and spent a few days in Basra, where he had the chance to visit communities and hospitals, and talk to residents in the area, which was heavily hit during the Persian Gulf War. GUEST: Damacio Lopez, Research Dir. of Revisioning New Mexico, a non-profit organization that researches campaign reform and the use of depleted uranium.

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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; December 21, 1998
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